Nicholas Old Men: The chaos wreaked by the plan

Nicholas Old Men: The chaos wreaked by the plan

Newsline last weekend impressively demonstrates that the "revolution" in North Africa pursue the exact destructive purpose. There is a breakdown of the world order. It is the same the story of the Europe of 30 — years of the twentieth century. When the United Kingdom, the United States and France handed over to Hitler's own allies (Czechoslovakia and Poland) and neutrals (Austria), hastily dismantling the European security system ever since.

What all of this is done — all I hope remembered.

News 1. Yemen

"The militants, who according to some data belong to the local branch of the terrorist network" Al-Qaeda "captured the city in the south of Yemen, the Associated Press reported, citing the testimony of witnesses. According to the inhabitants of the port town of Dzhaar advantage of the situation in the country, militants seized government buildings vacant and occupied checkpoints at check-in city. The police and security forces fled the town. "

The morning of March 28 I read on the treadmill belt channel "Vesti 24": "Al-Qaida in Yemen captures cache of weapons." The fact that the ultimate goal of destabilization is specifically the rise to power of extremists, I wrote one and a half months back:

News 2. Syria

"The victims of clashes in Syria's largest Mediterranean port of Latakia on Saturday were 10 soldiers and two militants. Authorities blamed the killings of local criminal gangs. The Syrian news agency SANA earlier reported that "armed groups occupied the roofs of buildings in certain areas of the town and opened fire on passers-by and the security forces." According to officials, the snipers shot and killed demonstrators, members of the local criminal groups. "

Rock the situation in a similar scenario ("bloody regime" shooting at people), with the introduction of unknown snipers will be very likely number of states.; http:/ /; 7990; http:/ /

We have a similar story of the Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Yemen. And earlier in Iran, Kyrgyzstan, Thailand, Russia and the Soviet Union …

News 3. Egypt — Israel

"The terrorists almost left Israel without gas. The armed attackers in Egypt tried to undermine the last NIGHT MODE pipeline, which supplies gas to the Israel and Jordan. As a military source said, in Egypt, six armed men attacked the guards at the gas terminal El Sibylle that about El-Arish in northern Sinai. Saboteurs laid on the site of a huge bomb, but by good fortune, mechanism is in place did not work. "

The ultimate goal of the destabilization that carried the United States and England, is a great war. Who will wage war, Islamic fundamentalists, when they come to power elsewhere in the Arab world? Since Israel. Hits you that Washington and London put at risk its own allies of Israel? Then remember the Second World War. The Anglo-Saxons, and not lift a finger to save the Jews from the Nazis. When Hitler took the Nuremberg Laws, in other words, deprived Jews of German citizenship, neither the U.S. nor Britain have taken these people. Nor are Jews from all other states, which they handed over to Adolf Hitler as part of the planned destruction of the then existing world order.

At the beginning of February, the pipeline has exploded since:

Israel offers languid times. It is interesting to understand this in Tel Aviv? Or, again, will make himself the latest in a complex political shuffle?

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