Nicholas Old Men, writer, historian: Our home now — the trump card for all global players

Nicholas Old Men, writer, historian: Russia today - the trump card for all global playersWhy on the planet appeared a burning mainland? What are the world in Libya and other North African countries and the Middle East?

What are the prospects of the Russian Federation have prepared for legislators global political fashion? What needs to be done in our country in the created reality?

About this reflects a writer, historian, economist, founder of books "The crisis: how is it done? '" Saving bucks — a war, "" How betrayed Russia "and many others Nikolai Starikov.

Sow chaos

The current geopolitical situation is characterized by the interaction and conflicts of interest 4 global centers of power. USA + UK, Europe, Russia and China. Yankees task — to make such difficulties wishing "big redistribution" global spheres of influence, so it was no longer before.

A good method would be a large-scale outbreak of war, wherever it may be: Pakistan — India, North and South Korea, Iran — Israel. In an uncertain and insecure world everyone needs a reliable patron: the U.S. army and navy of England. The problem is that unleash a full-scale war comes out. Since you can not start trouble, which will have to clear up the mess once all enemies of Washington, has to operate a point.

Of all the 3 opposing the Anglo-Saxons is the most powerful centers of power — this is China. Hard power, growing economy without 5 minutes of global reserve currency is the yuan. Because grips with the strongest competitor in the United States have postponed later. Inside the Chinese social explosion tribute scale does not go. The best way to fight the Chinese — "put in place" other centers of power. If the result of obedience to Europe and Russia, then to Beijing will be easier to talk to. Left alone with the Anglo-Saxons, litsezrev as the "father" deals with nepokorlivymi in Beijing will be honored for the benefit of moderate appetites.

Despite the fact that our homeland — impartially now the weakest of the centers of power, the most vulnerable is not it, and Europe. Berlin, Paris, Rome and Brussels have just begun to fight for their own independent policy. Europeans need to simply "bring back" again to make one single piece and the West, as it was against the rest of the world still any 10 years ago. How to do it? Actual use in Europe, the contradictions and difficulties, bringing them up to the highest intensity.

The main instrument of the impact on Europe by Washington and London is the destabilization and radicalization of Muslim states in their Islam. Chaos and mess on the scale of entire regions. This process we look now. Than in more states you destabiliziruete situation, the more ability to put pressure on Europe it gives. Anglo-Saxon countries to blow up one by one. Because the excitement begins in a quiet and Bahrain, and Syria. There are a few states that is sure to destabilize, and others are not so fundamentally.

The plan for the RF …

The unique position of in the fact that none of the other players in the coming years can not ensure victory for himself, if not enticed by the Kremlin on his side. In the hands of the Russian Federation is a unique "golden share". Not the greatest, but changing the balance of power a piece of "majority" of world powers. Everyone will be trying to drag us to their side. Europe would be used for a combination of RF carrot and stick method. Human rights, visa-free check-in, dual position on the European missile defense system. On the other hand, the Europeans will support the construction of gas pipelines and other projects. We must not forget that the current affairs with Europe in nearly all respects to stick with certain European politicians. "Leave" the Anglo-Saxons Berlusconi "to the female" — the case with Italy and are cool.

The United States and Britain beginning in the relations of Russia "policy of carrot instead of the stick." This is when the first whip, whip, whip. And later, in the case of obedience, gingerbread. Explosions, information warfare, the pressure on the president in the Libyan issue. Increased tension in the North Caucasus. Meet the "opposition" in the South American Embassy.

In this regard, a very significant visit by Vice President Joseph Biden in Moscow. Similarly, the other day of his conversation with the management of our country sounded weird explosion at the FSB Academy. What is this? It is an element of pressure. It's a whip.

What's the difference between an explosion in "Domodedovo" and the explosion at the FSB Academy? And there, and there — explosives, and there, and there — amazing elements. Only difference in power and the number of victims. However, direct attention on what article filed for an unusual explosion "hooliganism." Push will not work. To fight the bullies, we do not need Washington's help. And it is fundamentally position. So fundamentally that you pochetaemye partners, the terrorists have not. With all of this you should be aware that the struggle for the liquidation of terrorism inside RF not be canceled and not for one moment does not stop.

The possession of a "golden share" — a historic chance of. This gives us some time. But that time is limited, it is not infinitely. After a clearance time or global players will learn to do without us, or pull up share out of our hands. The "golden share" — this is a chance, not a panacea.

Nicholas Old Men, writer, historian: Russia today - the trump card for all global playersIn the Russian Federation Russian ridiculed capitalists who fueled the war for the sake of profits.

…and the plan of the Russian Federation

To survive, we must transform into the fourth world power. Which will not be unsafe current "Islamic arc of instability" and the challenges that will come to her replacement.

For this, we again need your own project. What did it consist of? What is the essence of likely project our survival? He has to meet three aspects: 1) the social expectations of the people, and 2) the mentality of the people, and 3) the interests of the country.

What is the social expectations of the people? In fact, it can be said in one word — fairness. We have become a society of equal abilities, operating on the principles of justice. Reduce the difference between the poor and the affluent, really back that feeling that we all had to restructuring. We — one people. You could be jealous, but she was confident that if you make the effort, you will try to do something and take his career high. Need deoligarhizatsiya economy. Necessary social lifts.

The mentality of our people (by the way, regardless of profession) has a deep-rooted sense of community spirit. It was not invented by the Bolsheviks. He has always been characterized — as a Russian peasant, and a resident of the Caucasus, and a member of the Jewish community in Russia. Be sure to follow their roots and their own genetic code. Our people do not like the motto of "profit at any cost." Those who he should not resp
ect or appreciate. And if you need a waiver thereof in the whole country. We do not need profit at any cost, we need a thriving Our homeland. And the fact that it is not the same as any of us sees on his own example.

How can we achieve such results? Combination of economy and ideology. This ideology, if constructed, ordinary: social justice, a new collectivism, the responsibility of those in front, to those who are behind. If you wish — even Russian philosophy "mutual responsibility." When we arrive at together with the generally accepted results. Each in his own place.

On the economic front, the 20 years of follow-liberal economic course give rise to come to the conclusion that the liberal experiment in Russia failed. How, in general, and in the world. We started later than others to participate in it and, hopefully, before the rest of it will start to come out. Globalization and liberalism in the economy must be countered by "enlightened protectionism." This is not an "iron curtain" and the rejection of blind following in the footsteps of the world economy, which is still close to bankruptcy.

What steps are necessary to implement the principle of "enlightened protectionism"? 1. The nationalization of the ruble. In other words otvyazka domestic currency ruble supply the volume of gold and foreign exchange reserves. With the simultaneous switching of all Russian exports to sell only in rubles. Exit from the IMF and other global financial institutions. 2. Russian state monopoly of trade in strategic energy products on the world market. 3. The nationalization of mineral resources. Oil and gas produced on the surface of the earth, shall remain the property of the country. Oil and gas companies are converted to contractors to whom the customer, the state pays for their work: for mining and hydrocarbon exploration. But the sale of oil deals with the country itself. As a result, no country lives on the taxes (in other words, part of a whole) from the production and sale of crude oil, and the companies are living on paying their work (in other words, part of the whole). But the "whole" is the whole people.

Our current humdrum life is not enough to change with the policy of "enlightened protectionism." We can just go over the limit. Those wishing to purchase the currency will be able to take it. We'll just get a haircut for personal hairdresser, take products for personal stores of flying private airlines. But the company will operate in the economic and political recovery.


Libya, after our homeland?

With Nikolai Starikov we talk about the brand new redivision of the world, hosted by the United States and Great Britain, and in this regard — the behavior of.

— How do we, the Russians, to treat the events in Libya? Our companies there were huge business interests. Now — everything? Libya lost to the Russian Federation at all?

— Let's put aside the emotions. We do not have to defend Libya, as Russia. We have to protect Russia, as Russia. As for Russia's interests in Libya, to this day they have suffered exactly the extent to which they may be affected in a country where there is war. We were taken out of their own people. Stopped by the railroad construction and other contracts. When the situation becomes clearer, the contracts may be renewed. I do not think that the steel road that we are building in the desert, will not be needed. This project is not only the Libyan. One end of the road in Tunisia, the other — in Egypt. This is the Trans-African road along the coast. The entire population of the earth is interested in it.

— What could threaten the Russian Federation in connection with the new plans for geopolitical enemies?

— Will destabilize the sample wherever it may be. In all countries. Where is the fifth column, where it is possible to give someone money, in the course will blackmail favorites, strengthening drug traffickers and other poruhi. But this is only where the pro-American regimes in power. Other modes resist.

Here's a clear example. I am not Armenian. But on the days of the mail received an Armenian. At the top is written: "Free Armenia." I urge to go out and fight against the bloody and corrupt regime in Yerevan. The scale of killing. Unfortunately, our home for the enemy — not a tenth of the target. We are in the top three main objectives. But Libya — crotch to aim high destabilization.

Our geopolitical enemies, I can say tenderly, like a man who has written books about the Russian revolution, has always financed in Russia any movements that even under the flag that fought with the existing municipal systems. Under the autocracy supported the revolutionaries, under the communists — anti-communists. Currently support ethnic separatists, terrorists, liberal activists. No problems with the media. Draw as needed. Task — to undermine Russia from within.

— What did do?

— It is necessary to fix the head. First. The second — the security agencies. Once upon a time our wise ruler Alexander III said that the Russian Federation has only two allies — the army and the navy. But, as shown by the action 91-year, as we litsezreem at the moment, the Russian Federation shall be the third ally. It is, but weakened. These are our security agencies. The services that have to fight with external impact, with attempts to undermine the country. The Liberals, who conducted the 90's reforms began with the complete destruction of the KGB. And in the end, Vadim Bakatin to commemorate the "triumph of democracy" has transferred (not from a huge brain) scheme beetles in the South American Embassy. Something is not clear that our business with the United States greatly from it warmed.

— As the Russian Federation should build the case with the U.S. and NATO?

— U.S. cornered, have nothing to fear. The U.S. economy has a municipal debt of 14 trillion, is not to fat. It is necessary to rescue the buck, this means all bad. Our homeland is weak now, and China, and Europe is stronger than us. But without us, none of these players can not ensure victory. We have a small piece of a world power, but it is crucial. And, taking advantage of the situation, as we all needed to strengthen and create your own design. NATO, U.S. and behold the slumber that our homeland began to wage a war with China. And repeated option in 1914. Large-scale cooperation with NATO automatically leads to a deterioration of relations with China. This is the first step to war. Because under no circumstances any harsh relations with NATO can not tie.

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