Nicolas Sarkozy: Greeces adoption of the euro was a mistake

Nicolas Sarkozy: Greece's adoption of the euro was a mistakePresident of France Nicolas Sarkozy expressed its position on the adoption of Greece in the euro area in 2001. He believes that this was a mistake, as the Greek economy was not ready for this. According to him, before joining the single European currency, the Greek authorities have provided incorrect information on the state of the economy. "In recent months, we look forward for this decision 2001 year, "- he said.

Coupled with the fact, highlighted the French favorite, decisions of the EU summit in Brussels, which approved a new aid plan for Greece, are truly historic. "If yesterday evening was not the agreement, would have suffered a catastrophe not only Europe and the whole world," — he said. Nicolas Sarkozy convinced that the failure of the summit would lead to the unthinkable — bankruptcy Greece.

In the euro area had no choice in the circumstances, taking into account that Athens can not actually pay off their debts. Together with the fact the Greek authorities may rely on the confidence of all of Europe in today's challenging criteria, reports ITAR-TASS.

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