Nigeria include the arc of impermanence

Nigeria include the "arc of instability"Nigeria may become a modern war zone in Africa and disintegrate at least two parts — the Muslim north and the Christian south. In Nigeria, April 16 passed the first round of the presidential election, even before they have been unrest in the country, which were suppressed by the police.

According to the Election Commission, which resulted in Sky News, Goodluck Jonathan prevailed in 21 of the 36 electoral districts of Nigeria and scored 22.5 million votes. Bukhari received the support of 8.7 million voters and overcame a 12 around the country. Goodluck Jonathan became president Nigeria after the death in May 2010, President Umaru Yar'Adua, a Christian and a native of the southern part of the country.

His opponent, General Muhammadu Buhari, a Muslim by religion, refused to admit evidence of the first round and declared them fake. This led to a massive mess in the Muslim areas of the north Nigeria. People set fire to churches, houses, cars, there are victims. Authorities imposed a curfew in the northern state of Kaduna, where demonstrators set fire to the residence of the vice-president namadi Sambo in the town of Zaria, prisoners released from the bullpen. Curfew imposed and the northern town of Kano, where crushed and burned several churches.

Background of the conflict

Nigeria is not just a zone of violent conflict in 1967 — 1970 years, there was a fierce war civilian clothes (war for the independence of Biafra) during which were killed about 2 million people. The country has a mass of various armed gangs. In 2001, 2008, beginning of 2011, there were large inter-ethnic and religious conflicts.

Nigeria just "boiling pot" problems, which are a huge part of them left the colonial policy of London, which was a colony of the area: 250-300 peoples and tribes that approximately 40% of Christians and Muslims, others profess pagan beliefs, or a mixture of Christianity and idolatry. Many of the town divided into Muslim and Christian areas.

The main premise of conflict: inter-religious conflicts, the impact of Western countries and companies that are interested in the resources of Nigeria and are not interested in a nationally targeted elite. A role playing clan interests — the question of access to the "trough."

Among other prerequisites causing social discontent — a high level of corruption, poor infrastructure. The actual division of the people to have access to the "manger" (hydrocarbons) — "new Nigerians" who live in luxury in secure cottage with all the criteria of life in European standards and all the other different degrees poor (over 70%). Weight related problems — a large infant mortality, HIV, low life expectancy, etc.

Civilian war In Nigeria, the disintegration of the country on Muslim The north and the Christian south, and there may be a greater number of pseudo — is fully integrated into the latest strategy of the U.S. elite. Inciting unrest in the oil-exporting countries, will lead to the upcoming increase in oil prices, lowering the euro zone. Shards of Nigeria's easier to fit into the New World Order.

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