Nikita anomalous zone

September 13, 2012 13:08

Nikitsky anomalous zoneIt has long been known that there is on the planet where people do not settle. Our ancestors, for example, at the proposed construction is usually tied to trees pieces of raw meat. If after a few days almost spoiled meat, this place was taken to build houses, but if it rots faster than usual — there quickly lam.

Modern researchers of the paranormal call these anomalous zones, and the people they are called black spots. Zones can occur in many different places, and their causes are associated with human activity or influence of unidentified flying objects, or even the manifestation of parallel worlds. In fact, until now, no one knows — how, where and why there are anomalous zones. We only know one thing: within such zones permanently or from time to time appear not known until that science laws. In any case, there is always a chance to meet the unknown.

In the Kaluga region known three anomalous zones. This neighborhood villages Ogarkov Nikitskoye and Shchigry. A small area, located next to Ogarkov known fact that it begin to stray even seasoned travelers, although there has a beautiful landmark — a road lined with oak trees.

South-west of the train station Zikeevo there is another "evil" place. People who live here, say that many times noticed in the sky UFOs very different forms: disk-shaped, triangular, pyramid, cigars … Sometimes it seems that the one who created these UFO Shchigry gave a sort of landfill where can be tested (or just show astonished witnesses?) their imagination inventors. It also observed atmospheric light phenomena resembling a faint aurora borealis, the lightning in the sky One day there was what looked like fireworks, but since it happened late at night, saw a few anomalies.

Nikitskoye — a small village in the north of the Kaluga region, not far from where found quite a large anomalous zone, it exhibits all the phenomena noted in Ogarkov and Shchigry, and even beyond that a few kilometers from Nikita is a forest, which one wants to be called enchanted. Tree trunks here if purposely bent, mutilated some evil giant, grass does not grow, can not hear bird calls. Dead wood, terrible! Villagers do not go into it. However, if someone is getting lost, is suddenly here, then long with fear remembers this. In the forest, there is no beast, but the mysterious nature is like no man or animal, suddenly block the way to get lost mushroom picker, scaring him almost to death. Several years ago, Summer Resident, who came from Moscow, wandered into a "vicious" forest and saw the trees rolling toward her blue fluffy ball. Roll up to the feet of women, the ball, as if in a fairy tale turned shaggy old man with red watery eyes. Dachnitsa screamed wildly, and the old man, he immediately re-taking the form of the world, continued on his way. Later the poor woman told me she did not want to go into the forest, he immediately struck her as scary and unfriendly, but some unknown force, which it was impossible to resist, enticed her into the thicket.

By the way, the researchers also noted the anomalous zones, at the entrance to them some of the most sensitive people experience anxiety, they begin a headache, there is a weakness, shortness of breath sometimes … Zone did not seem willing to accept those who are her "unattractive". Someone, on the contrary, feels the irresistible desire to enter the zone, and at times and stay there forever, and it does not oppose it.

Once in the area, people are not always able to move freely through it. 18-year-old Victor S., vacationing last summer near the Nikitsky, learned that the "enchanted" forest specialists arrived on anomalous phenomena. Being by nature very inquisitive, Victor persuaded members of the expedition, and those, though reluctantly, took it with him. Miracles began literally on the first day. "Paranormal-malydiki" freely walk in the woods, making a map and making the necessary measurements with instruments, but in front of Victor occasionally grew like an invisible wall, to overcome that he could not. There is all this: Victor was a few meters behind someone from the members of the expedition, and suddenly came to his ears a strange sound like chirping crickets. The sound grew louder, and at some point the guy just bob his head on an invisible barrier that blocks a way for him. At the same moment, "chirp" ceases same researcher, who was walking ahead, past the place freely and not unusual, as it turns out, have not heard Soon Victor, barely hearing the "chirping crickets" slow down the steps and arms stretched out in front of you, look carefully taken another road. Sometimes he was able to continue on your way, but it also happens that I had to return to the camp: the area were stopped by hard walking stranger.

Later, after leaving the Kaluga region, Victor recalled that in the zone it used to "attack tetanus" was suddenly overcome by weakness and indifference sat down under a tree somewhere, a guy could, without stopping, to look in any one point, then averted his eyes with an effort, but look again returned to the same point after a while, the expedition, noting that with Victor is wrong, with a border measure its aura. It is known that a healthy person at rest surrounded by a uniform field, resembling an egg. Measuring the aura of its volunteers, "anomalschiki" horrified — it was "socketed" in many places. It seemed that area or decided to get rid of the intruder, or simply destroy it conferred, researchers almost forcibly carried to the village of Victor — he said that he should always remain, though why, could not explain. Only once out of reach, like a guy woke up and quickly gathered a backpack, went home

However, those who remained in the area, so do not regret it was able to indulge researchers wonders for which they have, in fact, arrived at night, close to the fire, peripheral vision could see the strange whitish creatures in loose clothing. Ghosts Maybe before, long time ago, in these places there was a cemetery? But it was necessary to try to focus the mind on a ghostly effect, she immediately disappeared and therefore photograph any of the mysterious "Aliens" was not possible.

One of the night one of the "paranormalschikov", Nicholas, was in the tent, listening to the rustling of the forest. Forest, even though he's dead, but some residents there were clearly. Full moon, the dark shadows of the trees still frozen on the walls of the tent and suddenly heard heavy footsteps nearby, and on the wall there was a tent, black shadow of a strange creature — a big head, it seemed, had grown into narrow shoulders, frail calf obviously can not afford such a cargo. Nicholas held his breath, watching. And then there was the sound incredible happened retreating footsteps, and the black shadow remained in the tent, as if stuck.

If Nicholas was engaged for many years the study of the anomalous zones, it probably just would have lost the power of speech. But in search of the paranormal, he toured the former Soviet Union, and knew that such cases are sometimes, for example, in the Perm Anomalous Zone. So he quietly watched as the shadow creatures "stuck" to the tent, gradually grew paler, and finally disappeared completely "stick-schaya" shadow one of the phenomena of some anomalous zones that we do what we can observe, but do not explain

Nikita area is still very little research, however, and the observation that it has been done in the art, are very valuable. People who have been to those places, they say that from time to time come to feel the approach of danger

— It seems that hangs over the head block of ice, which was bound to fall on your head — says Sergei N, who visited the area in the expedition — At this point, you experience only one desire — to run away as far and fast so would have done, but before Sometimes guys uncomfortable, so I felt that the risk of one, is gone — usually a few people, when anxiety is particularly strong in the depths of the forest sprang sound like the roar of an animal. The roar grew and did, finally, so loud that we pinched ears reached its highest point, the roar ceases, and the sense of danger, we passed one of the signs of the anomalous zone — the presence of strange objects in her expedition members, Kaluga investigated the anomalous zones found in one of the caves located in those places, a mysterious object of unknown origin. He was in the stone age monolith about 200 million years! This is not the first record, solve at least the purpose of which is impossible. By the way, it is the presence of strange objects there is one sign of the anomalous zones.

Attempt to uncover the secrets that offer us the anomalous zones of the planet, it is extremely attractive and, in general, the noble. However, we want to warn people, unprepared, armed only with his own enthusiasm, it may be not a researcher, and the victim black spot. Punishment for frivolous attitude to the area is terrible.

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