Nikita Antufiev — recognizable industrialist and founder of the dynasty of the Demidov

Nikita Antufiev - a famous industrialist and founder of the dynasty of the Demidov5th of April 1656 in the family of the Tula blacksmith born future Russian industrialist Nikita Demidovich Antufiev. Townsman this person is known by the name of Demidov formed, apparently, of his middle name. Pope Nikita Demidovich was quite recognizable among the Tula craftsmen Diemid Antufiev blacksmith, who lived in a small country village Fallen. Already in the seventeenth century the village was clear the quality and volume of production of iron. There is also a version that the father of Nikita Demidov was a fugitive peasant, fleeing from the set as a recruit.

Young Nikita Antufiev continued ancestral tradition and at the end of the 1660s he worked as a blacksmith in the armory settlement. In the main, he manufactured the gun barrel. Commercial vein and business properties have allowed to accumulate capital rapidly. First iron foundry Demidov built in 1664 -1665 by the river Tulitsa. Construction was carried out only by their own means. By this time the family Antufeva already among the very rich, and the famous Nikita Demidovich enterprise and determination. In 1691, Nikita Demidovich with the warden and other elected gunsmiths leaves at Moscow in order to protect the interests of industrialists in resolving the question of earth.

A visit to the capital in almost all affected the subsequent fate of Nikita Demidovich — began a lucrative connection was partly resolved the issue with the land and finansovlozheniyami. A little later, an acquaintance with Tsar Peter I. Now ideas for the date and circumstances of the meeting with the Russian monarch sprawl. In one version of familiarity refers to 1696 and is associated with the purchase of three hundred rifles at the ready for European sketches. There are also views that have gained prominence skill Demidov regal person, and he wanted to meet with the "right" person for the developing countries. The gun, manufactured by municipal order, was not just a cheap and applicable to the use, it does not yield the quality of foreign counterparts. After the first order plant Nikita Demidov more than once supplied the product on official orders for the Russian army. Gunslinger successfully created not only guns, and cannons, missiles and other tools, made with the introduction of casting technology. Since 1967, the name of Nikita Demidov booming in the capital and is associated with quality and reliability. The company comes into its own during the heyday, and the placement of Peter majestically to the responsible gunsmith manifested ever more clearly.

Already at first Northern War in the summer of 1700, Nikita Demidovich could afford a private appeal to Peter Alexeyevich a petition to transfer him to a large weapons order. At this time, the administration of Peter I have been negotiated to supply from other major producer, but the decision was made in favor of Demidov. Its plant undertook to do by municipal order 500 guns, while the proposed industrialist cost was significantly lower than the initial one. In addition, at the request of King Nikita Demidovich were provided benchmarks from a perfect quality. As a result, January 2, 1701 by royal decree Demidov was given not only want to order, and the Tula factory for lifetime use rights with the rights to his legacy. Nikita Demidovich had to develop the plant and to increment the dam at their own expense, but in comparison with the total price of the transferred property costs were insignificant. Apart from anything else, I Peter gives Demidov right to build new businesses transferred to him on the terrain. For quality and reliability, and timeliness of its delivery industrialist Peter I receive from the vast land area and near Tula in Shcheglovskaya Zaseki for the extraction of iron ore. The designated areas were given to him right c lifetime use. But the transfer of such expensive property and land ownership on the part of the country had far-reaching plans forward. The main objective was to ensure the blessings of uninterrupted supply of high-quality instruments for the army. A special diploma Nikita Demidovich allowed not only to expand creation, yes and take the land and serfs to the needs of the plants.

In almost all due to internal politics, which was held by Peter I, the country's rapidly growing industries, including metallurgy. Demidov every year to increase production, engaging not only the improvement of the tools, and technologies of its production. By the 1702 edition rifles is 5000 pieces year, of which are handed in to the treasury of 2000 pieces. But the policy of Peter I was not always consistent. In the summer of 1701 Tula plant remains without fuel, in connection with the issuance of the decree banning logging. On the one hand the government sought to keep the tree species for shipbuilding because the country was in dire need of new military and commercial ships, but on the other that of the law dealt a severe blow to the industry. Other flammable than wood species in this period in Russia did not know. As a person begins to Demidov proactive search for ways out of this situation. He recalls the proposal moved to the Urals, it has been reported more than once. Examining the standards of the Ural ore Demidov again drawn with a petition to Peter I. In his own petition, he asks me to give him one of the not so long ago built Ural factories.

Fortune smiles again industrialist and Nev'yansky plant March 4, 1702 is referred to it in accordance with the decree of Peter Alexeyevich. To make his own factory Demidov could not because it was so festive event cooperated his clerk. Next enterprising breeder at its next request in the name of Peter receives a relocation masters together with families from Tula to the Urals. Most of the Tula professionals settles and builds a new factory activity in the absence of Nikita Demidovich. The fact that the industrialist himself to go to the Urals together with the masters could not because he had to personally watch over the execution of another government order. Prior to illumine 1702 he was obliged to keep under control the ready 8000 high fuzey. Change Nikita Demidovich was nobody to, because the former leader of the armory settlement was incapable of organizing the required quality control, and has been suspended from work. Fearing the presence of defects in products supplied, Nikita Demidovich had to take control of the creation itself.

1702 year became very weary of Demidov, it virtually torn apart. It was necessary not only to control the progress of settlement in the armory, and teach young professionals. In addition, Nev'yansky plant in the Urals has been due to release its first products. Demidov executive assistant needed for the role that he has chosen his own eldest son Akinfiy.

Akinfiy Ural weapons-headed creature. But, according to his contemporaries, surviving until a certain time, the son of a successful industrialist was very violent and capricious. Now there is a version that is not counting the production of weapons-grade Akinfiy vsekrete from the parent engaged in the creation of silver rubles. At one point, in order to avoid the exposure he had to drown in the Leaning Tower unlimited number of people employed in the clandestine production. This story is true or not set unrealistic, but to ignore it would be incorrect.

Since January 1703 the first batch of guns and iron from the Ural factory started to arrive in Moscow in September of the same year, was set up and the second ba
tch of cannon and other military purpose. Municipal order was completed in the spring of 1704, on the difficulty in securing Russian army have been overcome. As an incentive, Peter ordered to transfer the Demidov plants are two Verkhoturye parish in the county. Finished products are heading to Moscow aqua method on the Oka, Volga, Kama. Courts with weapons and ammunition, followed by Kazan and Laishevo.

Only in 1704, Nikita Demidovich nevyanskite moved to the plant, together with his own family. His whole life is bound up with the next Urals. Here unfolds the construction of new production facilities, then individual plants are also being active development of the Ural Mountains. Industrialist enjoys the right to buy the land and soon his possessions are among the most spectacular in the region.

Over the years of living in the Urals Demidov was built 5 more independent companies mining and processing industry. This is a factory:

* Shuralinsky — launched in 1716;
• Byngovsky — launched v1718 year;
• Verhnetagilskoye — built in 1720;
• Nizhny Tagil — became operational in 1725;
• Vyisky Copper — Works since 1722.

Once a year, these plants produced up to 25 thousand pounds of iron.

Soon grown sons Nikita Demidovich cut one in control of the family business. The scion of Nikita, for example, has organized the restoration Dugnenskogo plant in Aleksinskiy county. This company was founded back in 1707, but at full strength has earned only with the arrival of the Demidov. Gregory Demidov together with the Pope is building a new production at the river Tulitsa.

In 1709, industrialist assigned the rank of Commissioner, in the same year he opened in Nevyanovske "tsifirnuyu school." Trained professionals are not producing enough and Nikita Demidovich was required to independently prepare constantly expanding staff. In September 1720 his favor a title of nobility. Demidov dynasty coat of arms depicts three vines in the form of ore, silver hammer and iron. Since 1715 Demidov factories operate under contracts not only with the Office of artillery and fortification, and with the Metropolitan Admiralty. Demidov is also taken for the delivery of ship timber, why organizes rafting oak assortments from the Volga and Sviyazhskaya piers of the Kazan province to its St. Petersburg. During the construction of the northern capital recognized breeder is one of the most important roles in the supply of construction materials, and once again meets expectations placed on it by Peter Alexeyevich.

Nikita Antufiev - a famous industrialist and founder of the dynasty of the Demidov
The monument in the Tula

In 1717, industrialist gets a place in Kazan, and builds a trading house and warehouse, "Demidov". By the time the Ural factory Nikita Demidovich already produced two thirds of all the metal in the country. Peter repeatedly expressed surprise and gratification activities Demidov, calling it not for the other as the "famous blacksmith." In the address of the imperial family are increasingly coming in the form of gifts of gold from the Siberian burial mounds, and the last is the richest commoner and pochetaemym man.

In his declining years all control Demidov has entrusted to his sons, who stood at the head of the senior Akinfiy. Died stately industrialist November 17, 1725 in Tula, and was buried near an old St. Nicholas Church. Later offspring Demidov Akinfiy funded church of St. Nicholas Zaretsky. Akinfiy Demidov inherited his father's business acumen and then developed inherited a legacy creation.

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