Nikita Mikhalkov: Vibrations of minds

We watch "fluctuations minds, nor what is not solid," to use the expression of Griboyedov. The source of all of today's events is the lack of enlightened conservative sight of reality based on Stolypin, Ilyin, Leontiev, Rozanov, and even on an unlimited number of other Russian philosophers who have tried to cement civilian society.

Nikita Mikhalkov: "Vibrations of minds"

Surprisingly, as the scenario is repeated, if we compare the current situation with what was happening in Russia 100 years ago. Take the Western media, which currently evaluates Putin. She is experiencing a nightmare at the thought that he vorachivaetsya to the Kremlin. And this leads me to wonder: is not necessary for us to have at the moment probably know that it really is guaranteed to return to the presidency? If it so much anger in the West do not want to.

Must keep in mind the following. So-called civilized West mysterious Russian soul was not interested. West motivate the vast riches hidden in the Russian land, forests, drinking water supplies. In short, all the things in the world is getting smaller. Calm and peace in the territory of Russia motivate them except as Our homeland — is nuclear power, if, God forbid, there's that-nibudt will then not be good for anyone. For other examples too far to seek: look what happened yesterday in Serbia, now in Egypt, what's going on in Syria, what is happening in Iran.

My sense — and this is a very harsh thesis — is that the question of hysterical agony great American superpower armed with a super-modern instrument, which did not do it against the approaching bankruptcy.

United States — is a de facto bankrupt nuclear superpower. The role of the dollar as a reserve currency is currently under threat, and this is the role has been the foundation of American hegemony. Because the main argument of the United States is now a military force. And so that this force is working better, it is necessary to neutralize Russia, China and Iran.

How can neutralize Russia? Switch it on the internal "dispute" that weaken its unity and statehood. But it is naive to think that all this activity is a product of modern times. Pretty to look at the directive of the military adviser to the U.S. Allen Dulles to realize how deeply and uncompromisingly built work against the Russian state, against, in the end, the most RF. Here is just one excerpt from the doctrine of Dulles, dated 1945: "Honesty and integrity will be mocked, and no one will be no need, turned into a relic of the past. Rudeness and arrogance, heresy and deceit, drunkenness and drug abuse, animal fear and hatred of peoples, first enmity and hatred of the Russian people — all this we will be neatly and inconspicuously cultivate. Only a few, very few will guess or to realize what was happening, but these people we put in the position of weakness, making a mockery, slander and call the dregs of society. " When reading these lines does not understand what's going on now? There is a version that the text of the doctrine of Dulles — fake, but what if it is not?

This is not a witch hunt. It is a question of making some very common logical conclusions. Here one bell. Madeleine Albright, a couple of years back read in public: "What an injustice — such land as Siberia, belong to one country." Sovereignty is not even considered by them as something fundamental, simply refers to "injustice." And if not fair, it is necessary to share, right? Another warning bell: Hillary Clinton, who, without even waiting for the results of the actual election on December 4, hurriedly and nervously indignant fraud. And such examples 10s.

Someone like Putin, some do not. But it can not be so, that of the 5 candidates for president all the attention was drawn to only one person. No matter how many other candidates are not debating or arguing, nobody notices. Seriously consider them a minority in the country.

Then it imposes common conclusion: the president should be the one who really the focus of the people. Since none of those who oppose Putin can not call a man who has become the head of the country. That's a great idea, which was suggested to me by one of the young liberal oligarchs in the heat of the dispute, "Who else, but would not it!" (Referring to Putin).

This phrase just struck me. Look, after all we are talking about a man who should lead the vast country. The greatest country in the world, owning great wealth and unrivaled potential nuclear weapon in the end. As it may lead "anybody"! As a protest oligarchic elite does not feel any size of the country with nine time zones or contrast the peoples of our country, no inflorescence cultures, religions! As a personal "parochial" interests overshadow the great tasks facing society majestic country!

We have the same question is not about anything, and the fate of Russia. The map now is the fate of our country. The erosion of political power and its vertical — is a sure path to the dismemberment of the country. In fact in the disappearance of many years of power, its millennial statehood and, as an end to the disappearance of the state of the genetic code …

Our policies need specifics. At this point you should be very specific. Read certain things, to determine the time of their performance and be sure to follow these promises to the people.

After all, at the Swamp and Sakharov were not only the "mink collar" standing on the stage, and a huge number of urban dwellers who really tired of everything that's going on. When you see on television faces of local bosses, these "county princelings", trying to present himself for a moment, how the veteran pensioner or student will be able to reach people earlier, that he was doing something for which he was put on this place, grasps a nightmare.

I am convinced that the future president programm must be correctly formulated and lie down in a few specific areas of our society. This can be called the "so many steps favorite country", "so many breakthroughs favorite country." These steps should be formulated so that people knew what to expect and when it will be done. Whether it is the construction of affordable housing, housing reform and the defense industry or, imagine the emergence of the country's luxury tax. Because tasks facing the winner, should be feasible and not spread out in empty arguments about the common good and the good intentions. I am convinced that one of such programs from Fri to be programm state "tidy country." I have 20 years of talking about it, including the leaders of the country: and Yeltsin, and Rutskoi, both Putin and Medvedev.

Fundamentally recognize that "tidy" — is not clean-and it's not a log with Lenin to wear. It is alternately languid work, results are not immediately to behold, but it will not work without the country, of which we dream. At the base of the applets should be based on a global revision of the state of the country. That every bureaucrat in the field at any level was aware that he would have to show not only the management of the country's only what he wants to show that he and profitable, and that he carefully hides or does not see himself. I'm afraid that we end up with not a pleasant sight, but it will be a real picture of what's going on.

We sniffed, got accustomed. Used to the nastiness that surrounds us. We did not distinguish between the purity of the mud. You go on the train, what do you see out of the window
in the right of way? That pops up when you go up to the gateway on the ship? What's in the woods? On the beach? An underground? In the backyard of the school? It's not make enemies. This we do not feel, do not realize that all that is around us — that is our house.

I'm angry monarchist. What I mean by that. All the same kind of stability and peace in Russia were provided exclusively in the era when power passed from father to son. And when Sir responsible for the country not for the party, parliament or the people, and to his successor. For the future and the lives of his offspring were dependent on what country he would leave him. At the moment, this read is not accepted, but I want to see that in almost all countries, the core of civilization state existed and exists to this day. I do not know what will happen to the UK if there abolish the monarchy.

The royal court for the British — the key to peace of the country. Yes, the Queen has the decisive power, but specifically its existence allows the country to experience everything that happens in Parliament.

RF come to an end, if here every presidential election will be the issue of regime change as such. Now some have been successful, and tomorrow, after the election, they sit in jail. Now the army chief swears by one, and after 6 years of the values to which they swore, declared criminal. Unimaginable which is popular point of view of "let others steer." Our homeland is not the bike, which You can trust an amateur. Almost those who call for it, lay down on the operating table to a doctor friend, who was also coveted little "steer" and picked up a scalpel. The authorities should maintain the continuity and maintain made the atmosphere, but only In this case, if the atmosphere that is accepted by most people and arranges it.

Pirmanova comment:

Though what is not blinkered person realizes it's not democracy and despotism in Russia. As we centuries vtyuhivayut our western neighbors. The fact itself of.

The point is fabulously rich resource of, we were left forefathers! And our forefathers gathered the land of the Russian Federation nearly a thousand years. The whole history of the Russian Federation is replete with examples of "peaceful" campaigns, from Western Teachers' Federation. Who has not come from the Teutonic Knights, and later Poles, Swedes later, after the French, and later the crowd to the Crimea to Nakhimov, later the Germans and again throughout the western coalition together, later the Germans again, and at this point just want to come in, lights of democracy. And this is not all too far away, there was more! That Mikhalkov was openly read, about the real purpose of the West.

Yes casket just revealed. We have a bank of global resources. And these untold riches, all seem very unnecessary for Russia. And all of the expressions of Western leaders, not about fair rassredotachivanie resources on the ground, in favor of RF, repeated with an enviable vsepostoyanstvom. So it is not nice to us, they have a personal dislike that there can not! (C)

Mikhalkov said exactly what was clear to everyone, and since that time. We, the West, unnecessary. And Russia itself is no place on earth, which means that a part of our elite thinks, Russian culture places on earth, too, will not be. Cosmopolitans, also understand this. But they, our native land, how much more is not needed, because for every cosmopolitan Our homeland — is the only place feeding.

But at the expense of calm and peace in the territory of Russia, Mikhalkov is mistaken, amerikosov needed lingering flash of terror and separatism in Russia. So our homeland, in their plans, the stallions will move faster then obschecheloveki, will be able to quietly disarming strike a blow to Russia. Better yet, if our homeland she asks U.S. to pick up their nuclear weapon out of harm's way. This is exactly what we wanted to do Khodorkovsky, with strategic nuclear forces of the Russian Federation. But not lucky, kid!

The main objective of our liberasty, nuclear disarmament of, failed.

Putin came to power, and clever Hodor was very arrogant, because he was given a guarantee in America, and good marksman may miss, upekli Komsomolets. Yes, these were our Komsomol members, all from the top of the organization, the change of the Communists. And what then were the older ones, Communist comrades? And there were in the proportion of older? And who fused the country? They are naturally. All communists!

Here are all of a sudden, everything became read U.S. bankruptcy, it's fine, means many citizens of our country will become more cautious with their capital. Will lay out the basket, though will think, maybe there kapitalets park, but it is not "even-tempered" hour, kirdyk and in fact occur. Though what nerd, it is already clear that the U.S. giant, stands on feet of clay, but if you look closely it's not a giant, and the usual crushes the high road.

And as for the people of the country responsible for the cleanliness of their own lives, without equivocation on not a good power, always say. Do not give bribes, fundamentally! Do not crap! Rubbish is not Pushkin carries! Do not expect manna from heaven, do it yourself! Be an active citizen of their own country, and country you have one, you have nowhere to run!

The first run only rats, all of you know very well the history of our country. Today rats are community cards, in Sredizemke in Miami and on the islands in Europe. And the usual Wani, there is only one homeland and it — that's our home!

You always have to start with yourself, and then to the other can make a complaint!

Py.Sy. A Mikhalkov's films, I like, not all of course, but the best part!
Suppose that Mikhalkov and barrel roll, young master, privlastelin, but do because he and criticize.
A masterpiece every year is not baked — is piece-work!

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