Nikolai Makarov: Our homeland is ready to purchase Patria AMV armored vehicles

Nikolai Makarov: Russia ready to purchase Patria AMV armored vehicles

Russian armed forces are ready to see the question of the purchase of the Finnish armored vehicles Patria AMV, but only after extensive testing — this is the arms inside Eurosatory-2012 said the Chief of the General Staff, Army General Nikolai Makarov.

The second day of the Eurosatory-2012 was marked by a visit to his large delegation of the Ministry of Defence. Exposure examined, including Chief of Staff Makarov and first deputy defense minister Alexander Sukhorukov. If Alexander Petrovich focused on getting acquainted with the products of Russian defense industry, the Zhukovsky most of the time ordained zabugornom exhibits. At the head of the General Staff made a remembrance of the Finnish Patria armored vehicle AMV. It looks, indeed, menacing. Remembering increases gun, made in the style of stealth technology.

Nikolai Makarov said the Defense Ministry would not mind to try this on their own armored car landfills and, in the case of a good-quality results, see the issue of procurement. It was clear that such a proposal was amazed Finns. As at the time the French, who heard about the intention of the Russian Navy to purchase from them, "Mistral". The French do not really believe in the reality of the spoken by the then commander in chief of the Navy. Now the Navy we have a team of other people, and the first "Mistral" is already being built for the Russian Federation. So, you see, and as our motorized infantry armored vehicles will soon be using the Finnish machine.

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