Nikolai Makarov told the details of the NATO operation in Libya

Nikolai Makarov told the details of the NATO operation in Libya

During a visit to Brussels, the chief of the General Staff Nikolai Makarov was aware of the details of the Libyan military operation of NATO. A source in the Defense Ministry told "Izvestia" that Makarov reported such data during a private meeting with Admiral James Stavridis, Supreme Allied Commander Europe. The meeting was accomplished on Tuesday in the town of Mons.

Makarov visited the command post of NATO forces in Europe, which is located in the south of Belgium in an underground bunker. Hence, in 2011, the operation has been performed the Libyan military operation of NATO — told a representative of the War Department to "Izvestia".

Makarov, according to a military department, became the first Chief of Staff of Russian Armed Forces, who had been at the facility. This reflects the increasing confidence in the Russian military from NATO.

Experts believe that after the return of General reformer will take steps to modernize the Russian armed forces, because all configurations conducted the last three years in the Russian army, Makarov justifies the foreign experience.

So, for example, the reduction of the officer corps to 150 thousand people Makarov give reason for the fact that in Western countries, the number of officers in the armed forces does not exceed 15%. For the vast army of the Russian Federation is the 150 th Infantry Disclaimer procurement and land art Russian production (AK-70, T-90 tanks, BTR-80) Makarov also explained the lower rates compared with zabugornom counterparts.

In this regard, Alexander Hramchihin head. Analytical Department of the Institute of Political and Military Analysis, fears inspired by the experience of NATO in Libya, the chief of staff can begin to transform the structure of the Russian Armed Forces.

— Taking into account that NATO Libya has used the Air Force and high-precision weapons and with all this totally did not use ground-based technology, Makarov, taking foreign experience can announce the development of high-precision missiles to aircraft, the deployment of air defense system to counter missiles and a similar reduction in average and languid Army brigades . And if the defense and development of the Russian Air Force will be on hand, the abolition of the languid teams can be catastrophic, as they need to contain China — explained Alexander Hramchihin "News".

Officials from the Defense Ministry refused to open the details of the talks, citing the fact that the talks were private. The Defense Ministry with all this said the cuts in the Russian Armed Forces "in the foreseeable future is not planned."

"News" in the NATO headquarters told that the official protocol does not provide for Makarov's familiarity with the details of the Libyan operation.

— Perhaps these facts led Russian General Staff of the Armed Forces have been reported during the closed portion of the meeting, but that we do not understand — said one of the organizers of the Board of "Izvestia".

Makarov on Wednesday will participate in the meeting of the Russian-NATO at the level of chiefs of staff. This session will summarize the cooperation and military cooperation activities approved for the current year. It is expected that an agreement will be reached in the field of humanitarian missions, exercises (both bilateral and multilateral), also on cooperation in the fight against terrorism.

Makarov also hold a meeting with General Knud Bartels, Chairman of the Military Committee NATO and its other employees.

Curiously, Makarov in March 2011 responded skeptically about the prospects of the Libyan air campaign NATO. But this did not prevent the forces of NATO air strikes to destroy the infrastructure of Libya, making it easier for local tasks rebels to overthrow Gaddafi.

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