Nikolai Starikov: Gaddafi may resign by leaving a coma

Nikolai Starikov: Gaddafi may resign by leaving a comaLibya will try to kill a favorite, as it is an obstacle on the way to a major war. America needs a revolution, that strengthen their buck.

Why rebelled Middle East? Who is behind the opposition in Libya? As will be further development of the situation in the Middle East and North Africa?

This is — a conversation with the writer, historian and creator of the books "How to betray Russia," "Saving bucks — the war", "The Crisis: How it's done" and many others Nikolai Starikov.

U.S. beating on his

— Mikola, why in a moment the whole region ablaze Near East and North Africa?

— United States and Britain, in other words the Anglo-Saxon world, chosen as a solution to all their problems the way the destabilization of the world economy, the global political order. And the place of application of their powers — are populated by Muslims, Arabs from North Africa. Has undergone several revolutions in the countries of the region. The main task that faced the organizers of the revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt — change the sane pro-American secular regimes such as pro-American, but deranged extremist.

— But for what? If that were so obedient pro-American regimes, for which America change them for irresponsible?

— Imagine a farmer who has a bulls. He feeds them, combing. But this does not mean that between the farmer and the sculpin endless love. When the owner will need meat, he slaughters a bull. Americans in favor of the destabilization of the economy, which alone can solve the problem of dollar, a policy of destabilization. The Revolution, as planned, to take place in all the countries of the region. Libya — only one of the chain links. Libya Yankees less interested than other countries. We litsezreem difficulties in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, although there is a South American navy.

— But then, a couple of years back Gaddafi like friends with the West, and the oil from it, and can agree with him, and it is completely sane, too, will not name — why did he not like the Yankees?

— That's all it does not help. In Libya, the plan should be a revolution, does not matter who is there at the moment the governor, that came to power by Islamic extremists. Assignment U.S. and England — hurt all countries in the region. And on the ruins of some of the state to build an Islamic caliphate, which would have started a real war.

— With who? After this caliphate is likely to start with Israel?

— Now Gaddafi is an obstacle on the path which could lead to Israel's war with the entire Arab world. I will say a very unusual thing: Israel at the moment is very much help, of course, secretly, a tool and means of Gaddafi. While he is in Libya, there is no caliphate in the Anglo-Saxons did not succeed.

What is the war

— Why do we need such a powerful war, because it may end in a very tragic for the entire world?

— United States and the Western world finances own lack of organization only demand for the Bucks and their government securities. And at the moment that demand fell sharply. And you have to destabilize all other currencies, all other monetary instruments, so the demand for dollar has remained the highest.

— But you will suffer and many U.S. partners in Europe?

— In Europe, hundreds of thousands of refugees flee. In Russia, there are regions populated by Muslims. A wave of Muslim extremism strike and our security. In China, there are Uyghur Autonomous Region, inhabited by Muslims. This mnogohodovki aimed at creating problems all other opponents of the Anglo-Saxons. For now, on the world map of four players: the United States, Western Europe, China, and our homeland. U.S. is trying to strike at all. It's a unique opportunity — all with a single blow.

Broken Europe and combative Sarkozy

— But is Europe did not realize what was coming? Why then is the same France signed under attack on Libya?

— In Europe, there is no single view about Libya's problems. The information which is obtained by the French president and the German chancellor, in theory, should be similar. But we litsezreem that on the basis of a similar disk imaging made different decisions. Germany abstained from voting on the UN Security Council resolution, which practically allows an operation against Libya. But French President ahead Batko reached into hell and recognized the rebel government, despite the fact that neither Washington nor London have not already done so. And they did not, as the British have a saying: "Why do most bark if there is a dog?". And the role of the Anglo-Saxon dogs for some reason plays Sarkozy.

— For what it is Sarkozy?

— We can only guess. It may, for example, in some seyfike is some daddy, where there are special incriminating photo of the French President. Or other incriminating evidence. And on the other politicians do not. Maybe France bargained for pro-British stance assurance that the revolution in Algeria. In Europe, do not just live a lot of Muslim Arabs. They're distributed spetsefichesky way on his own former empire. If the Turks live in Germany, then in France — came from Algeria. In Algeria, yet quiet.

Libyan opposition

— Who in the Libyan opposition?

— On this day, there is no reliable disk imaging. In general veracity of what we litsezreem on TV, is in serious doubt. They say to us that the Libyan Air Force bombers flew away, but then it turns out that it is the French fighters, who were taught under the contract Libyan pilots. They say to us about the transition of military units on the side of the rebels. But what is a part of who their commanders? No answer, no 1st interview. They say to us about the mass bombing, including the demonstrators. And nowhere to be seen the results of this bombing. In Egypt, we beheld vast crowds in Tahrir Square. In Libya, we litsezreem 20 — 30 people, dancing with guns. More — nothing. If there is opposition? Who among the opposition and who virtual real? Must first understand what is really going on there. And a good method is to create a UN commission to investigate the Libyan events. Once it is done, when it will be reliable information, then you can read, if there were shot peaceful protesters whether they were peaceful. But at the moment we litsezreem most coarse violation of international law. Without a precise definition of the situation is recognized government rebels who opposed the legitimate control of the country, captured military depots and armed themselves. Though any ordinary government, his manager must in this situation to use force against the rebels. In Russia, in the criminal law is the definition of "illegal armed groups". Here and in Libya it is.

Fell into a coma and resigned

— The UN Security Council adopted a resolution which authorizes NATO practically oppose Gaddafi.

— NATO categorically unwilling to conduct ground operation in Libya. The fact is that to send troops to Libya — which means to take responsibility for everything that happens there to answer, to restore order and prevent refugees. But there is another task. It is necessary that remained a hotbed of tension, chaos and refugees in Europe. NATO is ready to cover the Libyan opposition from the air, so it has not been eliminated by Gaddafi. British special forces, which it operates, put Burnoose, painted face, but not going to stand in Benghazi, as defenders of Stalingrad, to the death. Managing Libya is competent and wise policy. About two weeks back G
addafi in Libya abolished all taxes, charges and fees. Can you imagine how terrible Teran! Try to force the people to rebel against the man who abolished the tax. But in my opinion, the perfect solution for the Anglo-Saxons would have been exactly the physical elimination of Gaddafi. Then the situation has resolved to itself. And Libya would disintegrate into several countries. But the Anglo-Saxons would stand on the sidelines, like not taking part in the process. But with Libya is still not on the script.

— What to behold the example of other Arab Gaddafi favorites?

— On the basis of resistance to Gaddafi Arab favorites realized that you can not get away from the post. Why the Anglo-Saxons fundamentally dodavit situation with Gaddafi? To show that is sure to obey. In the meantime, it appears that Gaddafi and resists him for doing nothing. He was arrested on the account, the number of crazy. But where 80-year-old uncle 40 billion? Even grandchildren will spend. You need to carefully watch the health of the Libyan leader. I'm afraid he might choke on a bone. After all, alternately fell into a coma leaders of Egypt and, surprisingly, the president of Tunisia. Such an impression that all Arab leaders resign by leaving a coma.

Eugene Satanivs'ka, director of the Institute for the Study of Israel and the Middle East:

"They want the U.S. and the EU to play football in a minefield — let him play …"

— What assumptions have prompted the European and South American presidents poruha on Libya, no one knows. Maybe the other day, slept badly. On the other hand — because they rashly recognized Libya's opposition government, which did not take place, and Gaddafi began dodavlivat. What's all the same now — turn away from him? Maybe Berlusconi and Sarkozy do not want to give away the debts. Because, as they say the Americans, the best way to pay off the lender — to destroy the lender. Maybe the Arab League pressed, Gaddafi has long they do not love. And the deal is worthless. Which factor has played a huge role here, we perhaps never know. And what will be next — too stupid to guess, since we do not know the purpose of attack.

It is clear that Libya will go through the terrain on Europe not hundreds of thousands of workers and millions of illegal immigrants. Thus, in any case — who will be without them now Gaddafi drown in the Mediterranean? And this, of course, the first knock on Europe itself. This, incidentally, indicates that no obmyslennoy policy, at least for a half step forward, Europe does not have. They try to do something with Gaddafi. It will turn out fine. No, what nibudt-invent. The strategy is this: get involved in a skirmish, and then look what will happen. Because our true with China, Brazil and Germany shrugged: who wants to run through a minefield, playing football, run … Since defend Gaddafi, spoiling business with the West, we really completely useless.

Woe to the same in the fact that there is no common goal. Each attacking Libya — it has its own, and again vague. Maybe for Sarkozy — is to show themselves in the pre-election time, forcing forgot that he had a bribe of 50 million, and hung catch to remove the lender as he checks on the table is not laid out. For Obama — to show what he is harsh military favorite. With the last day of the difference between "peacemaker" Obama and Bush aggressor zero. In Berlusconi's their problem — with the party, the scandals, the woman from Morocco. He needs that all have forgotten about it.

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