Nikolai Starikov: Immediate first 100 days

Nikolai Starikov: "Immediate first hundred days"The motto of the Chancellor Gorchakov "Russia is concentrating" — this is the motto of the new Putin presidency. And to be able to focus on domestic issues and dilemmas, it is necessary to obtain a measured difference.

There is a tradition — it's where she went, say at the moment is difficult. After the first 100 days in office to address this first segment of finding policies in power. But in order to realize the "agenda" of the new presidency of Vladimir Putin, we have to realize what the current situation is different from the previous time when he led our country. These differences are very great. First, the world has changed. In 2000, when Vladimir Putin became president, on our planet strongly dominated by one system, one country and one ideology. Unipolar world politics was at the zenith of their own power. Beginning of the 2000s was its heyday. United States and its allies could be done within the framework of the planet anything, urging the necessity of this whole world. And they assured whole world, that a group of bearded radicals sitting in the caves of Afghanistan, the planned huge attacks in New York. Saddam Hussein has chemical weapons stores, and the Serbs destroy the root of all Albanians in Kosovo. In the conditions of complete dominance of the West, in the criteria for the winning pace bucks and the emerging European Union, where the most daring science fiction could not have predicted the economic newspaper titles in 2012 — that is such criteria Putin became president the first time.

Now the situation has changed radically in the world. Hegemon sharply senile. This is not the lazy and the all-powerful lion who is lazy because he is all-powerful. The current West was split, his fever in economic troubles, and the population and even the elite evenly begin to lose confidence in the rightness of unquestioning liberalism in all its forms. Now the lion is not so strong, but he is exerting all his forces in an attempt to assert hegemony. He is ready to rush on at least some who dare to throw him a call. In today's world, weakness and decrepitude of the United States and its closest allies threaten the whole world even more of a threat than a decade back threaten their power. Municipal debt increased from U.S. $ 2 trillion dollars since Bush to almost 16 trillion dollars under Obama — eight times in 10 years. Ultimately, to save a buck, the Yankees have to sink the euro, but in order to resist U.S. hegemony in the world, they need to damage the hegemony of Germany in Europe, even if it means destroy the European Union.

These are the new geopolitical conditions presidency Fishing season. As we litsezreem, they are quite different. But the tasks facing Russia, are the same: the restoration of full sovereignty municipal, lost after the collapse of Gorbachev's stately country and restore our economy. Brand new situation in the world gives new powers to do so. In 1999, when Putin was still only Prime Minister, the question was: would either not be our homeland. Invasion bands Basayev into Dagestan could be the trigger the detonator collapse of our country. Then just tough stance of the Kremlin and the heroic struggle of the Dagestani militia and Russian army Russia suspended at the edge of a precipice. And soon the act of President Putin removed question the collapse of the country with the day or agenda. And all this was made in the criteria for complete domination of the United States is not alone in the world, but in the economic, informational, and even in the political life of the then Russia. Vladimir Putin did not hesitate then to take responsibility and act against the wishes of the global hegemon. Washington showed his displeasure active monetary support for separatists in the country. Similarly, the main task of the winter-spring rallies hysteria in Russia in 2011-2012 was to the United States under any circumstances to prevent the coming to power of Vladimir Putin. So as someone who was not afraid to challenge the hegemonic within a unipolar world, certainly will continue his work on the background of the apparent weakening of the enemy. Based on the available criteria and based on the number of tasks that confront the state, and should be considered the first steps of President Putin. The only way they can truly appreciate and understand.

The motto of the Chancellor Gorchakov "Russia is concentrating" — is the motto of the new presidency Fishing season. And to be able to focus on domestic issues and dilemmas, you need to get the situation to that of a measured concentration. And in politics and in the economy. Hence, the first laws initiated for the first 100 days in office. Politics begin restoring order — where most mess. Mess on the streets of Moscow — increased responsibility for violating the law on meetings and demonstrations. Fine of 300 thousand rubles instead of 500. Val heresy and innuendo in the liberal press and the "rukopozhatnyh" media — the return of the Criminal Code articles for innuendo. The awareness of who is behind the "protest movement" in Syria and Russia, leads not only to a tightening of Russia's position on the Syrian issue. Our diplomats and Chinese did not give the West the opportunity to invade Syria, and the new Russian law on foreign agents, forcing Hillary Clinton to worry about human rights "grantoezhek" and to think about the methods of delivery to them of funds. Naturally, human rights activists, these "children of the captain of" grant "is not likely to be left without gosdepovskoy help but run fifth column will be much more difficult.

Despite the habit liberal "intelligentsia" to what you can do whatever you want and how you want to spit on the traditions, beliefs and culture of the people, to the great big surprise and indignation of the latter, blasphemous trick in the temple is completed and the arrest of the tribunal which threatens to real life. And not only esters on the television and radio stations. Prolonged seat defendants on trial — a harsh signal power, paying attention "creative class" similar to the inadmissibility of "performances".

It is impossible not to note the hard line on the rearmament of the army, taken by Putin. Despite the fact that weapons programm with unprecedented budget was adopted earlier, he had managed to pull up a couple of times the Liberals in power, when they tried a variety of beautiful words to reduce this important for the sovereignty of our military budget. In recognition of the situation, "centering Russia" fit and Russia's entry into the WTO. To focus inside — give decrepit hegemon something to distract him, but the "game of the WTO", it seems, is not a game to which you want to bet. In addition, it is unclear how the WTO rules will coexist and regulations of the Customs Union. Entirely clear what value should be the same at all integration projects in the former Soviet space.

100 days — it's all the same is not 6 years old. Driving Directions are given, but received no answers to all questions.

Let's be patient.

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