Nikolai Starikov: U.S. willing as ever to break Russia

Nikolai Starikov: U.S. still wants to break RussiaRussian writer and historian Nikolai Starikov, who visited Kaliningrad last week, in an interview with «NewsBalt» expressed his own eyes on the development of the European Union, the Baltic region and Russia.

— Nicholas, currently in full shakes Europe. In your opinion, threatens to collapse the European society and, consequently, the elimination of the single European currency?

— Let's start with the fact that the euro — it's such a draft global bankers, like the dollar. The European single currency was designed in order to re-roll this patty from hand to hand, manipulating whole nations. Slightly delve into history. At the end of the Bretton Woods Agreement of 1945 and the Jamaica Agreement in 1973 the U.S. dollar almost ousted from the world stage gold. Bucks began to be used as a means of accumulation, confirming the solvency of all other currencies in the world except the British pound, the Swiss franc, the Japanese yen and the euro now. This means that all other world currencies are entitled to make the central banks of the countries only if their supplies from the United States of America dollars.

In other words, so that, for example, the Russian Federation issued 30 rubles, it is necessary that the Central Bank of the Russian Federation was a buck. Without this tool can not be printed. This situation is perfectly clear if we compare with the blood in the human body. In the adult human body contains up to 5.5 liters. blood. If it is less, the disease begins. So here, in the Russian economy at the moment anemia. Funds are not as long as necessary, and how many dollars is in the Central Bank. From here, namely, the dependence of of oil prices. Our home selling oil for dollars in order to create rubles. In other words, it is a little on the payment of tribute.

Specifically, such makarom U.S. dollar hegemony with a 45-year impact on the sovereignty of other states. But at some point the European Alliance began to live my life because of, first, Germany. Germany, in fact, began to create the 4th Reich …

— A bold statement …

— Germany extends the zone of influence — not only the power of guns, but by the power and the means of its own economy. The country has received large loans, buying and creating virtually European Union on the means, but not for American friends, and myself. Some assistance in this and began to exert our homeland. Remember active friendship with Putin in Germany when he was a presidency. The outcome of it all was the sense of the Anglo-Saxons, that Europe needed to bring to life. And they began to derbanit EU, triggering the crisis, as the loans they gave away. In the end, the same Greece rushed to the loan market, where cheap loans were closed, and began to take expensive loans from those who have taken loans from those who make money. Interest on Greek bonds headed for up to 26%. In other words, almost the entire country has to work out in order to give interest, not to mention the body of the loan.

— Americans wish that the collapse of the European Union?

— No. They are again willing to take him under his control. That's why they are not under any circumstances be withdrawn its troops from the territory of Germany. This is a guarantee that Germany will not be able to pursue an independent policy. And the U.S. will shake the euro until such time as Germany did not swear fealty. Pay attention to the fact that the rating agencies, which are the sword in the hands of the Anglo-Saxons, downgraded all the States of Europe, excluding Germany. This is an invitation to the German voters ask their politicians: "And why the hell we feed this army of parasites under the title European Union? Their problems with debt, and we are all working and all of their feed! "In other words, in a certain sense in Germany implanted a principle which can meet in Russia:" Enough to feed the Caucasus! "Enough to feed Luxembourg, Estonia, Greece. Development of the same, and the creators of the script is the same.

— By the way, just as military bases Americans willing to put in Poland, about 100 km from Kaliningrad …

— Need to clearly understand what the U.S. troops in Europe — Germany, Poland, and Romania. This is not the jurisdiction of the state police, if, say, the U.S. military got in an accident. This is a large indoor area. There is no third-party travel. Who leaked there, he was shot by the hour and received a leave of absence. No one knows what's going on. There may be an instrument, drugs, offenders in the end. This is a government in the state. In the end, they do not pay taxes.

— Your prediction: if the EU will come again to their own national currency?

— This question is not within the competence of the rulers of European countries. If there is a need to continue to bring in the sense of Germany, then some kind of heroic Greece return to the drachma. When her uncle from Washington about the utter. But there is another side to the coin. There are young members of the EU — first, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, which have not yet run across the euro. The presence of the national currency allows them to somehow get out of crisis situations. But again, if you will need to click on Germany, the brand new mansion eliminate zloty in litas and armor, that crisis has further increased in these countries, and means and banged in Germany, you dare to compete with the hegemonies bucks.

— How to fit in such a scenario our homeland?

— United States and England, as before, want razderbanit Russia. However, to a certain extent. Impeccable geopolitical situation for our "partners" — a separate part of Russia with military power, then to incite the Russian and Chinese to each other. This may be a way to drive to a democratic government in quotes President and provoke them to war with China.

— Your words about the likely Russian-Japanese war, spoken in the Kaliningrad club bloggers, caused an uproar in the back row, in the main — not good. Type — "What nonsense it is!"

— I understand the anger of bloggers. I think if I were 20 years ago, said that the Russian Alliance will participate in military conflicts with the fraternal Soviet republics, the clicks that I had lost my mind, could be even more sonorous. Yet, in 2008, a military conflict with Georgia, the Russian Federation. This is a direct result of the disaster and the collapse of the country. Realize bloggers know the story about two years back. And they do not know that at the moment there is an attempt to play the scenario of the First World War. The logic of the usual — who is currently the chief rival of the United States of America? China. To make war with him costly, difficult and perhaps futile. There is our homeland, which falls all the time, but later rises. Which would be the best option? Pit them together and kill them both. Fortunately, they border!

But how to pit? Now our homeland and China are friends. But in order to pit two people — rather change the power in a single country. The Germans, too, were friends with the Russian Union in the 20s. Then there was a little problem like this: you need to change those Germans who were friends with the Soviet Union. And — of magic — in the 30s, came to power by Adolf Hitler. Where in the 30s it was easier to change management — in the Soviet Union or in a democratic Germany? Of course, try to change and in the Union. But it ended with the executions of those who have tried to change. The power in
the Soviet Union resisted. In Germany, resist pressure from the Anglo-Saxon was certain. Because there appeared to Hitler, which pumped the funds were given resources and deported to the east. You can laugh, but politics is exactly so.

— Projecting such eye on the present, at the moment the Yankees harder to change the power in China …

— Naturally, China difficult. It seems that it is easier to do this in Russia. At the moment, China is buying natural resources in Russia. This causes resentment among strshnoe democratic society. And if it comes to power in Russia Democratic president, he may declare the termination of deliveries to China, saying, for example, that the Chinese Communists bloody tyrannize freedom-Tibet. And at this point in a cafe South American Chinese spy knows someone that if you currently take away from the RF Far East and Siberia, the United States will not be much protest. Well, send letters and collect fierce conference. U.S. to push for conflict both countries using provocation. Not for nothing is at present democratic media in Russia write about the terrible dangers of China. Just look title: "Over Russia looming China threat", "China — enemy number one for Russia," "The occupation of China, the Russian Federation is inevitable." But tell me, gentlemen, to which country attacked China over the last millennium? Except for a small conflict on the peninsula Damanskiy, the Chinese attacked by someone, anyone won? The Chinese are very specific people, who always dissolve inside the conquerors.

— Promotion of the fruits of discontent in Russia held elections to the State Duma — is also a part of the destabilization of the situation in the country?

— Obviously. To derive the crowds on the street need a reason. We — the people — are very suggestible. This built on advertising and all political technology. When a whole year saying that the elections will be rigged, certainly, the publication of the election results makes people discontent. Although Kaliningrad's a sin to complain. In elections in Kaliningrad defeated the Communist Party, "United Russia" took second place. And now let the opposition Explain why the hypothetical nature of the forgers could not rig the elections in Kaliningrad? Ink, whether that was not enough? The whole country was enough, and in Kaliningrad there? After all, it's just proves that no fraud was centralized on top, and were on the conscience of some officials in the regions. It is necessary to investigate, rather than read about what the real results of the election are radically different from the acquired.

— In your opinion, Kaliningrad region may become more comfortable region for demonstrations of separatism in Russia?

— Be aware that all separatist tendencies gain strength and become a reality only with the support of a criminal or non-resistance to Moscow. And in this sense, in my opinion, the only one of Kaliningrad region in a string of debate about the separation of Siberia, the Far East, the Caucasus. Still believe that the government and the power to destroy the embryo in the sample to make such separatist organizations and even the smallest discussion on the topic. I am a supporter of the expansion of the Penal Code, which should be added an article about the inevitability of punishment for acts that pose a swing territorial integrity of Russia.

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