Noahs Ark: The old legend attracts new searchers




From 15 July to 15 August 2004 a team of ten researchers will search for Noah's ark. US-Turkish expedition climbed Mount Ararat, where, as expected, in the snow and ice is the desired object.

The expedition is a Hawaiian corporation Shamrock-The Trinity led by Daniel McGivern (Daniel P. McGivern). According to him, the Turkish government has already given the green light to seekers climbing to a height of 5000 meters 430.

The conductor will be Turkish climber Ahmet Ali Arslan (Ahmet Ali Arslan). He is going to focus on satellite images, which are, like, have helped pinpoint the location of the object.

Ultimately, the group hopes to find a structure 14 meters high, 23 meters wide and 138 meters long.

McGivern vows and swears that digging, disassemble, and in general — to touch the possible discovery, no one will. If you're lucky, poglazeyut on the ark, and photographed it all.

As we know from the Bible, during the Flood, Noah's Ark with the "all creatures on a pair of" after the 150-day voyage landed on the top of Mount Ararat. It happened about 5000 years ago.

McGivern at his press conference, predictably, played against the image of Mount Ararat (photo from

Interestingly, according to some, even in pre-Christian times, these places existed a tradition of the ship, which is located on a mountain top, the resin from which the locals used for making amulets.

According to legend, after one resin collectors were struck by lightning, superstitious fear of these expeditions stopped.

But it's all the legends of the area. And here are the photos of the mysterious object on Ararat — quite material.

Born a so-called "Ararat Anomaly" ("Ararat Anomaly") — 17-19 June 1949, and the authors sensation — no doubt the Americans.

Opening of the "anomalies" — the work of U.S. Air Force pilots based at that time in Turkey. They took a few shots from the air northwest plateau of the mountain, and the subsequent analysis of the images revealed the presence of a strange object.

One of the satellite images "anomalies" that operates Shamrock-The Trinity, calculating the search area. In the circle — a hypothetical Noah's Ark, the hands — places its possible bias from survey, by the action of ice and snow (photo from

Since then, the ark of the alleged shooting took place punctually. In the 1950s engaged in photographing spy planes, and in 1970, when the CIA became interested in the case went and satellites.

At various times, see the imperfection of technology to interfere, Rain, snow, ice and other factors, however, is that on Ararat is something almost no one doubts.

But on the question of "what is it?" disputes do not stop to this day. An infinite number of versions: the wreckage, ruins of a building, Noah's Ark, the rock glacier, the play of light and shadows, and so on.

The peak of heated discussions — it's artificial or natural object — reached in 1990.

In many respects it is a merit Porcher Taylor (Porcher Taylor) from the Washington-based Center for Strategic and International Studies (Center for Strategic and International Studies), which turned all archives, harassing the Pentagon, the CIA, scientists and all the rest.

Long story Taylor set out in detail here.

The larger part of the same image does not identify the ship (photo from

Until 1982, the climb up Mount Ararat in Turkey and the United States prevented the Soviet Union. Armenia, the state border, genocide — it is clear that the finders of the ark — spies, or worse. After the lifting of the ban on the mountain began to rise.

Specifically, an experienced search engine John McIntosh (John McIntosh) managed to get permission to Turkey and climbed, but the "anomaly" is not made out, because, says she is "buried deep in the snow and the ice."

There have been other attempts. By the way, in the summer of 2003 on Mount Ararat visited Russian expedition and found-again, she thought, a giant ship the size of a football field, consisting of petrified wood.

Ark Found? 100 percent confident that there was no, or not.

Now, I must say that interest in the "anomalies" in general considerably weakened. However, this obviously does not prevent either the Turks, neither the Americans nor the Russians with the Armenians seek to object again and again.

The same picture in 1949, from which began the search for the ark in modern history. Characteristic of the teeth on the "anomalies" can be equally attributed to the random rock formations and to the "ship items" (photo from

There are at least two more or less serious foreign project. It's not like the corporation to Shamrock-The Trinity was related to at least one of them. However, her mission at the moment — is next door.

As you know, this attempt was a sensation in itself be a well can not. There are doubts in the sensationalism of the results of this and other expeditions.

On the other hand, the ark landed about 5,000 years ago, and the topic of "anomalies" is being discussed more than half a century. In the history of this ancient time to put at least some point.


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