Nobel Peace Prize: Prize winners, causing confusion

Nobel Peace Prize: Prize winners, causing confusionFor a while, the real recognition awards in the world, the strengthening of friendship between individual nations, using thoughts of humanism and an unprecedented case for the implementation of its own public debt was a Nobel award world. At least, that status had specifically this prestigious achievement, which, beginning with the origins of the XX century, was given purely elected. With all of this specifically Nobel award the world (as well as the Nobel Prize for literature) had overestimated the degree of subjectivity. Although for a number of years about the subjectivity in determining the winners of speech, of course, there was, but a special case of mass discontent still not reached.

And the year 2012 was the year when the real storm broke. The embryo of the storm appeared seemingly out of nowhere. Presentable gentlemen for a long time could not venture on who exactly did give into the hands of the sacred notes, together with the well-known medal, which adorns the profile of the founding father of Alfred Nobel's prize fund. Have these gentlemen thought, and came to a startling thought: give the status of the Nobel Prize winner does not separate single individual or even a group of friends with pacifist leanings, and the whole alliance. And it was a good idea to bury the hatchets alliance lovers of war or an alliance of finches from the vile hands of poachers, so there is — the European Alliance. Yes, yes … that the European Alliance on areas which find their favorite hideout of the terrorist world. That the European Alliance, in which "peace" tear gas "peaceful" batons and "peaceful" demonstrations are dispersed with rubber bullets against job cuts, lowering the level of social guarantees. And still the European Alliance on the streets of the cities where strolling notorious Nazi offenders, it does not just want, but also put on a Nazi uniform, waving banners, cling to the chest Nazi credit for executions and torture of civilians during the second world war .

Specifically, the European Union obliging Scandinavians and presented an honorary medal with 1.2 million dollars on the further development of peace initiatives. Let Hague improve their justice, according to which the thirty-year sentences receive the Serbian military "criminals", but that a suspect is not systematic of crime in the actions of the Albanian killing units in Kosovo. Let the European Union continues to sponsor the "democratic" forces in Libya, Syria and other countries, so much so that after such "sponsorship" thousands of peaceful inhabitants are sent to the hereafter …

But it is necessary to make a complaint to the decisions of the Nobel Committee's decision only on the standard 2012? .. Neuzh the previously all Nobel laureates different binding global thirst for pacifism? .. For the realization that the Scandinavian gentlemen have long tormented unusual disease index of the concept "world", you can see a few Peace Prize laureates past years.

Year 1906. Nobel Peace Prize winner is south american President Theodore Roosevelt. Peace Prize — Roosevelt … the person who perceived a very active role in the Spanish-American War for the redistribution of supplies in the West Indies. At the end of that war, the United States have acquired, as its own colony of Puerto Rico, Cuba, Guam, and other peninsula area. The famous regiment of the "wild riders" who did Roosevelt himself, took part in the most that neither is a "peaceful" actions in 1898. The Nobel committee in 1906 decided not to recall the colonial ambitions of the United States and its current president and gave Roosevelt for his role in the signing of the Portsmouth Peace contract. The epithet "peace" deal here itself can negotiate for themselves, because, in fact, that contract was aimed against the interests of only one side of the Russian-Japanese war, and particularly Russia. But the Nobel experts, of course, guided by the specific word "peace", and so Theodore Roosevelt and received the title of the new world number one pacifist.

Year 1953. Nobel Peace Prize is a South American General George Marshall. The award was given for this sovereign plan, dubbed the naming of Marshall, which assumes an effective recovery of Europe. Well, well, recovery of Europe — it is, of course, the Nobel Prize Committee to take into account more, if Marshall's role in the preparation of the nuclear attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The fact that this South American soldier was involved in the most terrible bomb in the history of mankind, gave the right to verbovanie him to the international criminal responsibility. But the South American citizens in terms of this kind of accountability is one hundred percent intact. But the Peace Prize to him and stick thanks to the helpfulness of the Scandinavian mind-boggling "distributors" vote for peace. In general, Marshall — "peacemaker" with a capital …
But, what are we all about the Europeans and the Yankees. After all, Nobel Committee awards bestowed upon the world and our fellow citizens, one of whom was Mikhail Gorbachev.

1990. Mikhail Gorbachev, in which large areas of the country to the beginning of an irreversible process, which led to a tremendous crisis. Where people of different nationalities lived in harmony for decades together, began to appear pockets of ethnic tensions that led to bolshennomu fire, which in some regions of the former Russian Union continues to glow and a couple of decades later. Mikhail Gorbachev — laureate Peace Prize which Swirls own political steps led almost half of the world to the true humanitarian catastrophe that touched the 10-s of millions of people.

Year 2000. Nobel Peace Prize to the United Nations receive. Less than a year from the moment that NATO bombers taciturn agreement with the organization ironed Serbian town, leaving thousands of homeless Serbian people. Group of the United Nations while at the time it was renamed the company of nations severed and accomplice of the armed conflicts in the heart of Europe. But instead of the UN, as expected in a progressive democratic environment, bestowed … Do not just bestowed, and by the same true Nobel Prize.

Year 2009. Noted as the winner, Barack Obama. He was awarded the South American president "for extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples." And the acts were really extraordinary … Especially after Obama won. The real chaos enveloped the North Africa and the Middle East. The world has never in a new millennium did not stand so close to the abyss of global war. Apparently, the Nobel Peace Prize has become typical for the South American president a pass in the world where you can do whatever you want, from the bombing of peaceful cities to destruction of the favorites of foreign countries under the undisputed pacifist slogans.

If creativity in the Nobel Committee's enough, that in the near future it will be possible to wait for the awarding of the world, such as NATO. So what? On the "peacekeeping" operations of the alliance can compose an ode entire …

And, seriously, the idea of bonuses for world after awarding the above said persons and entities clearly outlived its usefulness and needs to be harsh reforms. After all, the modern approach to rewarding more resembles a backroom game in which prizes are distributed frequently to those who least deserve it. Being in the s
ame list with Mama Theresa Barack Obama and the European Union — an insult to the memory of both the Mama Theresa, and the memory of all those people who really went down in history as fighters for peace and justice.

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