Non-nuclear explosive tests newest Earth

In recent weeks, a number of news related to the presence of Russian forces in the North. At first, in early September, the head of the 12th Head Control Defense Colonel Yu Owl made a curious statement. According to the head of the Office in charge of nuclear weapons, the Central nuclear test site the archipelago Bimbo Land not only is not closed, and is ready for further various tests. Moreover, when necessary it can be carried out test explosions of nuclear weapons, which, but are prohibited by certain international agreements.

Non-nuclear explosive test on Novaya Zemlya

A few weeks later, there were reports in the press about the relocation of the airfield Rogachevo, located on the The newest Earth, a certain number of interceptor MiG-31, which will provide air defense of the country from the north. Is noteworthy that the distance between objects of the Central nuclear test and the airfield Rogachevo not exceed a few hundred or even 10 of kilometers. Naturally, similar mutual accommodation and air base facilities landfill lured to discover attention. Immediately there were bold theory, according to which the MiG-31, first will cover the infrastructure for landfill The newest Earth, and why are thrown in there. Maybe this specific purpose of sending aircraft was not initially planned, but in the last days of September the media carried the news of yet another military facilities on the latest Earth.

"Nezavisimaya Gazeta", with reference to some of the sources in the "Rosatom" reports that the recent nuclear test site in the Central re-tests can begin. In contrast to the 50s and 60s of the last century, new tests will be non-nuclear explosive or subcritical. This means that the test explosions will not rely on nuclear fission of radioactive materials and, as a consequence, the physical layer and legally fail to be atomic. The legal side of similar tests of particular enthusiasm. The fact is that in 1963 Russian Alliance signed an international treaty prohibiting testing of nuclear weapons in the atmosphere, gallakticheskom space and under water. Subject to the limitations of this contract, the USSR could test new types of nuclear weapons exclusively in underground mines. Such tests with different intensities actually lasted until the collapse of the Union of Russian. Later, in 1996, the UN General Assembly opened for signature Contract vseobyatnom prohibiting nuclear tests. In our country, it was ratified in 2000. After that we have no right to conduct full-scale tests of nuclear weapons, regardless of the criterion of their conduct. Yet, there is reason to find "workarounds".

Reasons these are ordinary and understandable. A large fraction of Russian nuclear weapons — it is estimated at 50-70% — was made in the USSR. Since that time has passed more than 20 years and, as a consequence, the charges and the means to deliver them out of date and require corresponding actions. In the case of the missile test consists of a survey and conducting test runs. Checking the same nuclear charge, in turn, is a more complicated procedure, especially in light of the prohibition on the actual tests. Assessment of the status of a nuclear weapon is done by the so-called sub-critical or non-nuclear explosive method. To do this, a little of the warheads removed the reference fissile material, then it is placed on a special board. During the specific test explosion ordinary explosive special way compresses the standard of uranium or plutonium, and received at this point is the analysis of the data state of the reference and warheads from which it was borrowed. Subcritical tests do not fall under the ban. The fact that in such research papers there is no fission (Test Method predutverzhdaet it) and, as a consequence, the environment is not released radioactive material. So Makarov, without violating international agreements, it is possible to check the reliability of a particular weapon, or even a whole party, to estimate the actual remaining service life, and to confirm or refute the validity of old times technical solutions regardless of the test results.

Apart from other things, non-nuclear explosive tests are not dangerous also because of the small amount of a radioactive substance is used: in the experiment is used less than a few milligrams of uranium or plutonium. Also, the structure of the test panel is made in such a way as to exclude the possibility of explosion of energy in the environment. For this model, taken from a nuclear warhead, coupled with an explosive placed in a special container, the surface of which is covered by an additional bentonite clay. In the event of damage to the container melted clay and "will seal" all the cracks and gaps. Clay coated container, in turn, placed in a special tunnel with concrete walls. Totality of security allows you to position the remote control tests at a distance of only 30 meters from the tunnel with the test charge. It should be noted subcritical tests involve a huge amount of research of the characteristics of a nuclear weapon, but it is not damaging acts or destructive power. The fact that all the tests were conducted in the area several Male 10 years ago, when the newest world test explosions were performed on the ground, in the air, water and underground mines. According to official figures, with the opening in 1954 until the collapse of the USSR ground become a place for 130-135 nuclear explosions: about 80-84 air, groundwater 40-42, 3 submarines, 2-surface and the 1st ground. Fully understood that in such mass testing of nuclear weapons could gather all the necessary information about the damaging effects of reasons for vehicles, buildings, troops and the enemy's communications. For this reason, since the late 80s, the Central nuclear test site became a platform for the study of operational and resource parameters of atomic weapons.

Most likely, the news of the resumption of testing The newest Earth was mind-boggling to anyone. But for experienced people, it is not so. The fact that our homeland has never declared the termination of sub-critical research explosions. Moreover, officials often have confirmed the existence of such works. For example, in autumn 2010, the then head of the 12th Head control problems Verkhovtsev direct text said that the non-nuclear explosive tests are common. Later, other officials talk about the fact that ongoing research is planned. Perhaps the "Novaya Gazeta", cooking stuff, just did not have the relevant information, in contrast to other publications.

One of the goals of the current sub-critical tests, most likely, is to prepare for a major upgrade Russian nuclear forces. The federal budget for 2011-13 for this part of the defense potential is foreseen 80-85 billion rubles, while every year the amount of appropriations increases. So, last year's nuclear needs were allocated nearly 27 billion rubles in the current 2012 — 27500000000., And in 2013 this amount exceeded the mark of 30 billion For comparison, in 2010 the nuclear power " cost 'budget only 19 billion rubles. The aim is to update the financial growth of nuclear weapons at the disposal of. As already mentioned, most of the weapons was made before the collapse of the Russian Union and its service life is coming to an end. In this case, non-nuclear explosive tests newest Earth posodeystvuyut know which party should replace with new weapons first, and which ones can wait a while.

Meanwhile, the main rival of the Russian Federation in the field of nuclear wea
pons — the United States — in the coming 10 years, intends izderzhat on its nuclear warhead of about 600-700 billion dollars. These funds will be used to modernize an old charges and delivery, also created new ones. At first glance, it all resembles another round of the arms race, or even a return to the realities of the Cool War. But we can not accept the fact that the leading countries always compete among themselves and the coming update of U.S. nuclear forces and the Russian Federation will be only just one more step competition, which has been and will be, regardless of the coolest wars and the similar geopolitical processes.

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