North and south of the Earth will be swapped

July 17, 2012 7:50

Climate scientists have made a frightening prognosis.
One side of the solid inner core of the Earth is growing slowly, while the other is slowly disappearing. Peter Olson, Renault Degen at Johns Hopkins University (USA) by means of numerical simulation found that the axis of the magnetic field of the planet is growing hemisphere. And there are signs that the next shift is around the corner: the rapid movement of the axis to the east in the past century may be a precursor of what the north and south again going to change places, writes
"The correlation is there, but the chaos in the nucleus prevents make long-term forecasts," — said Olson.
Lopsided growth of the Earth's core may explain why our planet's magnetic field changes direction every few thousand years. By the way, if it happens now, we will open the solar wind that will knock our power and communication systems.

 By the way, that the poles can be swapped, scientists warned in 2003). All foreign media were noisy: compasses go crazy, planes, ships at sea disoriented, and generally lose Earth magnetic field! While this conclusion after processing of satellite data on the movement of magnetic fields for 20 years (1982 to 2002) found the staff of the Paris Institute of Earth and Space Research Institute of Copenhagen.
Then Deputy Director of the Institute of Physics of the Earth. Schmidt commented Alex Didenko colleagues statement: "The movement of the magnetic pole has accelerated due to the changing mode of" inner engine "of the earth." According to the scientist, the magnetic field in the liquid core of the planet generates an electrical current in some of their cells, "small engine" that are displaced due to the rotation of the planet, and thus move the magnetic poles. And these "motors" every quarter of a million years work more actively. What is happening now.
Motion of the poles were always accompanied by natural disasters because of breakdowns in the geomagnetic protection from solar radiation and cosmic rays. Deplete the ozone layer and the climate is more humid and warm. When the poles are in place, the climate is kept dry and harsh. Today is the first "bell" of the movement of the poles — is unpredictable vagaries of the weather around the world.
When cataclysm could happen? Danish and French scientists say: a few decades. True, the optimists from other countries suggest that the process may take a few thousand years. Such a wide variation in the forecast is not accidental because the poles can slow down or stop altogether.
And what will happen if this cataclysm on SAMO actually happen? The worst-case scenario, if the magnetic field will disappear …! With the planets of the solar system is going on. Danes — authors sensation — for greater frighten resemble what the disappearance of the magnetic field led to the volatilization of the atmosphere on Mars.

Svetlana KUZINA

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