North Korea has officially confirmed the nuclear tests

North Korea has officially confirmed the fact of nuclear tests, reports Reuters.
As reported by the Central News Agency, North Korea underground nuclear explosion was successful. Small-sized device has been applied great destructive power.
«It is confirmed that the nuclear tests were conducted, which took place at the highest level of security and were executed perfectly, with all this, the use of small nuclear device lightweight great destructive power, which previously did not cause any adverse effects on the environment and ecology,» — said in a statement .
UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has condemned North Korea’s nuclear test, calling it a «clear and flagrant violation» of the Security Council resolution.
Early Tuesday afternoon on the terrain of the DPRK were recorded aftershocks of magnitude 5.1. According to the IAEA, a place where rumors were fixed underground, virtually identical to the venue of North Korea’s nuclear tests in 2006 and 2009. Later in the media in South Korea was reported that North Korea recently informed the U.S. and China in its intention to conduct nuclear tests recently

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