North Star burned?

Scientists have noticed that the celestial beacon reduced in size.

For North Star scientists observe more than 160 years. It became the most famous celestial objects, because heaven served as a beacon for sailors and travelers. Now, astronomers noticed that the brightest point in the sky slowly decreases. According to one version, the reason is reset mass equivalent of the earth. But how much it "weighed" in the very beginning of its existence?

To "weigh" the star, astrophysicist Hilding Neilson University of Bonn (Germany) and his colleagues have the basis of its "pulse", writes It becomes a little dimmer and brighter for about four cycles. Like all the other luminaries

North Star is made up of gas enveloping the core, where the nuclear fusion. When gravity pulls the external gas inside the star appears opaque layer just under the surface, through which the light passes with difficulty, and as a result the light is reduced. Under this layer radiation accumulates, pushing it as water vapor — the pan lid. In the end, an opaque layer is heated and expands, becoming more transparent. Star again becomes larger and brighter, until the outer layers has once again attracted to the core …

This is not a constant throbbing. In 1844, the cycle was about 12 minutes slower than now. And the data over the past decade have shown that the pulsation of the North every year dies down by about 4.5 seconds. Scientists is troubling: its ripple is reduced too rapidly than predicted by the standard model of stellar evolution.

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