Nostradamus called the one who will save the Earth in 2013

Analyzing the most famous words of prophets, we can see many similarities in their prophecies for the coming years.

For example, they say that in 2012-2013, people undergo spiritual purification. The sun will set on the powerful flares that will cause terrible natural disasters, problems with electrical power of multiple countries.

Continue pole shift, which is observed in the last 10 years, and therefore — climate change. The rapid motion of the poles is expected Feb. 4, 2013, on this day to be feared catastrophes.

They speak of the imminent onset of the Day of Judgment and the transition of humanity to a new level of energy. In the coming years the world's population will inevitably perish: because new incurable diseases, natural and man-made disasters … Those of us who have learned to think and live differently, to appreciate the spiritual wealth, not material, will find happiness, health and spiritual calm . Perhaps the most interesting predictions of future events are Michel Nostradamus quatrains relating to 2013. He said that among the Slavic peoples appear a "messenger of God", which will do good and to speak openly about the fact that he was elected.

Nostradamus Predictions for 2013

West Epistle reading will not forget
The priest will be polite overseas,
"Word — Fire" — says there philistine.
Hoisted the trophy, as requested by the pioneers.Ladies really no need to teach
The people have already figured out how to start a fortune,
Prophets grow, many clairvoyants,
Joy, Union and care of God.Herald found, like the King,
Learn from God's heart password
The news is crowned, malice end
Skromneya weeping, umneet proud.Slavs quickly approached the covenant
What were they afraid, so-and-gone,
There is no danger of a new disaster,
Living in a lot of water taken.Cases heard by, and the Covenant revived
The Messenger of God has opened the planet,
Voice shouting foolish not fall,
Cunning of the world He still will do.

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