Not so scary global warming, as it is painted journalists

Recently, in the southeastern part of Michigan notes four devastating tornado. This is unusual, because in the previous half-century the devastating tornadoes in these places there were a total of eight times.

Examining the rubble of their homes, and listening to the news about the record number of tornadoes that hit the U.S. in 2011, many michigantsy wonder — is this not a striking confirmation of climate change on the planet? "Not everything is so simple and fast," — says michigantsam site meteorologist Meghan Evans. In her view, a direct link between more frequent tornadoes and global warming has not been established.

Interesting idea about the confidence in the people of Michigan inevitability of global warming expressed National Weather Service meteorologist Harold Brooks. He believes that modern technology allows a person to get real-time about everything that happens on a wide area around it. The ability to instantly receive information about all the cataclysms of the planet gives news apokalepticheskuyu bright color.

Scientists say that 100 years ago, disasters could be as much, but the average citizen could not have known about the devastating tornadoes that occurred not at his house, and about 50 kilometers away. According to Megan Evans and Harold Brooks, not disasters has increased, and that journalists today are working so that the information on natural disasters around us always and everywhere.

Source: PHOBOS

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