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November 24, 2011 22:23

Vyacheslav Klimov and Ilya Sagliani than a year hunting for anomalies.

Vyacheslav Klimov and Ilya Sagliani than a year hunting for anomalies.

Someone collects stamps, someone — teddy bears, some — Impressionist masterpieces of Russian XIX century …

— I collect poltergeists — says I am 49-year-old Vyacheslav Klimov and trying to keep my impending otvisnut jaw, adds: — But, of course, not just a bike, as proven facts cases.

— And a lot of you have these?

— From 1996 until just three.

— And you can all see it? ..

Collector poltergeists

We are in a traffic jam at the Ryazan highway on the outskirts of the capital. Guys in "Moscow Ghostbusters" taking me in Lytkarino show anomalous place where houses built on the old village cemetery and the local church in the past year at intervals of a few minutes twice struck by lightning. They make sure that everything is connected.

 On the outskirts of town near Moscow beautiful landscape open meadows and looping the Moscow River. But we did not come for the natural beauty. My new acquaintances — Slava Klimov and Ilya Sagliani — already being unpacked their suitcases with different technical pieces that must anomalies to light output.

— The cemetery was, and after the war, it's right on these dvuhetazhki built — shows Ilya. — Look, there's even tombstones still remain.

Boards here and in fact many. On some you can even make out hewn crosses, numbers and letters.

— There are bad indicators — Klimov examines their prizrakoizmeriteli, moving through the meadow. — Not to say that the highest, but much higher than normal. Look, a magnetometer does refuses to work.

Pick up a small plastic box with buttons and red lights. Headphones listening to the crackle of machine.

— If part, then, the abnormal high rates — tells Klimov.

Nora seriously argues that met evil spirits.

Nora seriously argues that met evil spirits.

It first and often. And then moved to a stable average rate. I made a couple of circles around the board on the same route.

— Strangely, each time in a different signal outputs.

— It happens. This is — uh-uh … "floating anomaly" called — said Ilya.

Ho! Commercials can all sorts of events and coincidences to explain …

Of an angel …

Do not know if the sun is so beneficial, but my sense of something awfully close to absolute zero. Here are other local anomalies are not unheard of.

— Yes, you even though I three-room apartment in the center of Moscow let not leave here, — said a resident of a nearby dvuhetazhki Lilia Dmitrieva. — There is nothing mystical, we is not here. At least I did not see. True, it was the case, my daughter — first one, then the second — was told by the church that they saw an angel with wings. But that's kids, they can dream up.

— And the church is nothing strange is happening? — Asks a woman Ilya. — The fact that the cross on the church twice lightning hit, a bad sign.

— Yes, we were scared last summer — meets Lily. — How thundered into the belfry, and a few minutes later — again. Dome already cracked, it then had to change.

We go to the temple. I must confess, even specifically podglyadel — Do not change with Ilya Glory in the face, crossing the threshold. About lovers anomalschiny never know what they say. But no — even very zealously crossed.
Priests in the temple was not there. In Moscow on business left.

That same church, which was struck by lightning twice.

That same church, which was struck by lightning twice.

— Cemetery near the church has always been, it's long since become a tradition. Of course, over time, these graveyards blight, — told us to ask about lightning and the ghost woman Natalia, standing in the shop with the church utensils. — That's what you're here picks, won, then your Moscow — all the bones is worth it!

To imp …

The door did not open the first time. The address of "hunters" whispered friends. Like, you definitely need to make measurements. The situation, then shock. After a visit from a female client in a medium … possessed by a demon!

We were met by a woman of about forty, Nora. Calls himself a clairvoyant, treats from the evil eye and spoilage. I just revisited before the TV series "Supernatural", so from her story just creepy.

— Witch was a natural! — Says Nora. — Beautiful such statuesque brunette. Came with my regulars, sat here on the couch. They asked me to look at something. I started to say, and she at me — mate that I'm lying. Right away I was wrong.

According to Nora, her for no apparent reason began to shiver shot up the pressure.

— Nora male voice began to talk to us in a strange language, — says Olga assistant clairvoyant. — We took her to pour holy water, prayers read. And standing in the corner of the icon ka-a-ak flew off the shelves.

In general, they say, the fight with the demon lasted two o'clock. Nora returned to himself completely exhausted. The next morning we even had to go to the suburbs to the familiar grandfather-healer to "clean" it.

— And what a witch come to a psychic, make trouble? — Whisper Vyacheslav Klimov, when Nora came out.

— Charged energy — responsible Glory, shrugging.

Cemetery near the church has always been

"Hunters" roam around the apartment with his psychic apparatus. And suddenly find two rusty nails left who knows — a strong plot on ailments, they say. Hostess pointed to the far right corner. Here instruments recording strong geopathic field. The result agreed with the medium, even after a couple of weeks to come again, scan the apartment, check to see whether rates will go down.

— We're actually not so much for ghost hunting, how many are engaged in gathering information — tells me Klimov in the street. — It will analyze, compile directories. Anomalies — the question is still very poorly understood.

In parting, I frankly admitted that in no way be mystical radiation is not felt. Klimov and Sagliani it does not bother him.

— I have one friend of forty years before all these things did not believe, — said Vyacheslav. — While himself during the night crawling building, which was guarded by singing ghost is not met. So do not promise! ..

And I did not renounce. In the world there are many such, Horatio …

Cemetery near the church has always been


Lightning often strikes the same point twice

— There is nothing surprising in the fact that lightning struck twice in the bell tower, no, — said the director of the Institute for High Energy Densities Vladimir Fortov. — It all depends on how the air flows were distributed in the upper layers of the atmosphere. It happens that the discharge of a slap in the same place is not something that every few minutes, but a split second. Zipper is important that the physical body was as high as possible. It happens that the material from which it is made, is not critical — the stored energy can break away and brick.


— Mysticism — all things occult, — says Father Alexander (Ilyashenko). — For the Church similar searches for anomalous zones — it is an empty faith vain. Often these stories sucked from the finger. In the lightning hit the church? No it's not a bad sign, there's nothing supernatural, it's the laws of physics can explain. But if the house is in the old cemetery are — is, of course, is bad. The building was erected on the graves — the last thing. But now is not to demolish them.


Can I catch the ghost?

In the American movie "Ghostbusters", if you remember, was a trap, in which scientists were driven by a strong electric charge all sorts of evil. Can this device actually exist?

— No, this is all, of course, fantasy writers. Like the vast repository where "dumped" caught trap ghosts, — said Vyacheslav Klimov. — However, my colleagues from Yekaterinburg conducted a dangerous experiment with Tesla generator, if it can be called an analog equipment from the movie. The resulting charge would indicate how the search engines to focus on geopathic energy. But there are incredibly strong charge, to repeat this experience does not.

CALL in the travel agency

Sprites: just 600 rubles

Cursed Ostankino — Perovskoe family nest site as sprites — Ponds warlock Bruce … And two dozen at least suggestive for mystics anomalous zones of the capital. More recently, such tours to Moscow by bus in high demand. Dozens of companies offer four-hour routes from 600 to 1000.

— And we will see something of such things? Well, there, some ghost? I'd like to!

— I can not promise — she thinks of travel agencies. — But our guides are very experienced. All tell and show by the upper class.

— A child can take with me? Say, twelve.

— Sure. For children we have also discounts. In fact, many children and just go. Adult tours are far less interested. A general tour of the anomalous zones of Moscow we have one of the most sought after. Many call. So, if you want to get to the nearest bus, you better pre pobespokoytes.

— Girl, but seriously … It's all fairy tales?

— Nothing can not tell you about it. I myself in this tour did not go. Not interested …

Have you faced with mysticism?

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