Notes of a mad scientist or evaporate as human

Notes of a mad scientist or evaporate as human
Although some scientist even mad aware that energy is not taken out of nowhere, although the creators bestsellers often forgets about it. We decided to find out how many joules all the same handy to reincarnate our opponents in a cloud of atoms.

In general, the debate about what to realize under the «evaporation», underway since 1950. Hence there is a complete destruction of the molecular bonding agent or agents, the transition from the solid to the gaseous state, just as the ice is converted into steam? In both cases the result is the same — the goal will be destroyed, but the method chosen depends on how much we will need energy.

First make out the true evaporation — complete separation of all atoms in the molecule. For example, in order to corrupt absolutely chemical communication inside the molecules of a substance, even with such a conventional structure to that of water, for you will need a significant amount of energy 460 kilojoules leave to hurt just one mole of oxygen-hydrogen bonds. Approximately the same amount of energy dissipates riding down the highway at 100 km / hr-ton machine. And that’s just 18 grams of water!

The human body is more complicated ordinary glass of water, but the process is similar to evaporation. So just calculate how much you spend to damage all the atomic bonds of the human body — 3 gigajoule. Enough energy to melt the 2 tons of steel or reproduce lightning.

So with similar energy costs is not it better to resort to another method of evaporation: the transformation goals gas? Then, of course, it is useful first to boil all the water in the human body, and then reincarnate it into steam. Since our body is 70% water, the average person contains 56 kg of water. In order to heat up the water from 36.6 degrees to the boiling point of 100 degrees in handy about 15 million joules, and to volatilize this volume of water will need additional 127 million joules. Total — 142 million joules. So that the evaporation of all only 1 person for you will need more than 70 working immediately highest power lasers available today.

But evaporation people — sheer nonsense in comparison with other materials liquidation. For instance, to volatilize iron beams at the base of a skyscraper, you have to spend 8 billion joules, and every foolish scientist clear that it is easier to build an atomic bomb.

So mad scientist have to temporarily abandon such a beautiful, but energy-intensive ways to wreak havoc and destruction as evaporation.

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