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If you are planning to go to work or are just tired of "working mother", and there is no help, it makes sense to think about the nurse. Of course, the best — in fact anyone else you do not trust your child.

However, the nurse, excellent in all respects, it is extremely difficult to find. Is almost impossible. Ideal nanny — Is generally a mythical creature. Therefore she should know all the techniques of early development, taken together, be very young (because young irresponsible), not very old (able to run and jump with the child), the average age is also not suitable (because this requires attention to their children ). It must be able to play football and daughters and mothers (and preferably at the same time, if it comes to two children). Ideal nanny never sick, always calm and educationally savvy is not easy in all matters kindergarten program. The good and gentle, but at the same time systematically teaches a child to discipline and mode of the day. However, she lives close by, well, just the same in the next entrance, ready to come to your first call, but disappears as soon as it is no longer necessary. Such an magical fairy.

If you look in the eyes of the harsh truth, you realize that these fairies do not exist. There are real people, and each of them needs its own approach. How to choose a nanny who is right your child and your family?

But even when the choice has already been made (and it does not matter with the help of the agency, acquaintances or pasted in the district board), parental heart is still not easy. How's favorite child? Especially if it is still quite small and can not yet share his impressions of his "second mother." There are ways to control the nanny?

A word search Babysitting — Is a science. But your efforts will be justified because they determine how well you will be without your baby.

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