Obesity: an integrated approach

In today's world, the prevalence of obesity has gained epidemic proportions indeed, especially in developed countries. About 1.7 billion people are overweight, and 320 million of them are obese. In Europe, the incidence of obesity varies from 5 to 23 percent for men and from 7 to 36 percent in women.

Being overweight is not just an aesthetic flaw, but a serious illness, which provokes or aggravates the course of many related diseases. Because of the prevalence of obesity is steadily increasing in the first frequency of such diseases as diabetes type II diabetes and diseases of the cardiovascular system, which often lead to patient disability. Thus, every year, about 80 percent of cases of Type II diabetes, 35 percent of ischemic heart disease and hypertension developed by obesity. Furthermore, obesity plays an important role in development of various diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (such as gallstone disease, fat disease liver), musculoskeletal, obstructive sleep apnea, a violation of the reproductive system, and even some cancers.

Among the factors that lead to the development of obesity, the most important are unhealthy lifestyle (overeating or unbalanced diet, lack of exercise, the availability of fast food), family history, chronic stress, and a number of diseases, including endocrine and nervous systems causing some forms of obesity.

Currently, doctors treat obesity as a complex chronic disease, which can gradually lead to health problems, the development of dangerous complications, increased morbidity and mortality. Obesity requires long-term, often lifelong, treatment.

Equally important is the comprehensive approach to the treatment of obesity, which includes, in addition to a balanced diet, individually tailored set of physical exercises, physical therapy, and, if necessary, medication treatment. Optimum is a gradual (no more than 0.5-1 kg per week), weight loss, in which there is a reduction only fat and not muscle mass, do not cause damage to organs and systems of the body, and do not develop food depression and chronic stress. For the patient with obesity are extremely important right motivation for weight loss, setting realistic goals, well-chosen program of diagnosis and treatment, as well as ongoing monitoring and support specialists.

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