Obesity in children: how to help

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Obesity — a serious disease, and worst of all, when they are ill children. However, many mothers still believe that the fullness of the Child — a measure of its health. It's time to finally get rid of this harmful misconceptions!

Why do children get fat? How dangerous excess weight in a child? How to help your child lose weight?These and other questions are answeredMD, author of the methods of treatment of overweight Golden Eagle ®, physician reflexologist Mariyat Mukhina.

A feeling that the fat kids every year it becomes more and more …

Unfortunately, you're right. Over the past 30 years, the number of overweight children in Russia grew by 3 times. This is particularly evident in large cities, where the extra weight is almost one in four children.

— What is the cause of the epidemic of childhood obesity?

An important reason — the wrong approach to feeding infants. Babies should be fed by the regime six daily feedings and one night. Pediatrician clearly the formula will calculate how much milk a baby needs, based on their body weight and age.

Moms often do everything in their own way — the child is crying, they immediately give him the breast or bottle. Kid pauses and starts sucking — my mother finds it empty, and begins to regularly practice this method of sedation. And in fact, the baby sucks, simply because he has an unconditional sucking reflex.

— And as a result of overeating?

 Mariyat Mukhina

Mariyat Mukhina

Overeat and gain weight. But the worst thing that a child, in fact, formed from infancy wrong stereotype of eating disorders — a habit of seizing the stress and discomfort.

— Today's children move a little — this is also the reason for obesity?

That's right. Instead of running around in the yard, children spend more time watching television and computers. In this case, the calories eaten are not consumed, and stored as fat.

— So, children need to eat less?

A healthy child is eating the proper body for as long as it is necessary for normal development. However, many families have practiced nutritional child abuse: do not eat lunch — do not read books, not doesh dinner — you will not watch cartoons, eat a spoon for my mother, for my father … then comes the listing of all family members and pets. The child, urged on by adults eat "through not want" — and getting fatter. Also formed the habit to eat up everything regardless of satiety and leave an empty plate, this stereotype and also goes into adulthood.

— Well, that older children are less amenable to the tricks of the parents.

But they are more amenable to the tricks of advertising. Whole companies, thousands of marketers working on how to influence the children's minds and get to buy a high-calorie, useless in terms of nutritional value.

The child sees everywhere advertising chocolate bars, potato chips, crackers, soft drinks — and believes that they will magically add popularity among peers.

— And they make him fat!


— Dr. Mukhina, and what the dangers of child obesity?

Because adipose tissue has the ability to synthesize female hormones, the child formed the wrong hormones. In boys, this leads to underdevelopment of male secondary sexual characteristics in girls — premature puberty. These children face in the future infertility.

Childhood obesity is often accompanied by valgus (X-shaped) deformation of the knee, which is related to the fact that bone and ligaments child can not withstand the weight of his own body. Also, obesity in children is fraught with the formation of infantilism — underdevelopment of the psyche.

Well, do not forget that being overweight increases the risk of serious diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, etc.

— The horror! But there are parents who believe that the chubby kid — it's good. What should make them wary that the fullness was excessive, suspect obesity?

A simple way to assess the condition of the child — to measure the skin folds on the abdomen. If it is 2-3 cm, the mean power OK. If thicker — it's time to sound the alarm and limit the child in the flour and sweet.

Also features a beginner overweight child is to increase the availability of the cheeks and chin.

— Many parents believe that the weight of the child itself to normal after puberty. Is this true?

No. If a child is not just a few extra pounds, and now obesity, the weight of puberty he alone is not normal. Of course, comes to help boost metabolism, calories go "into growth," but this is not enough.

— So why do many overweight children in puberty lose weight?

At this age, society has a great influence on the child. Looking for a normal-weight peers, he begins to realize that he has a problem (more than appreciating it as an aesthetic), and limit yourself to food.

— Not harmful to the child on a diet?

When the diet is balanced and comprises a daily intake of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins and dietary fiber, it is, on the contrary, is useful.

— It is doubtful that the teenager who decided to lose weight, choose the most useful diet …

That's why parents need to help him — not to let it spoil the health of questionable diets, and make an appointment with a specialist.

— Who is involved in the treatment of childhood obesity? Pediatrician?

Any doctor who specializes in the treatment of obesity. This may be a pediatrician, nutritionist, endocrinologist, reflexologist. It all depends on the methods that parents want to use.

— Dr. Mukhina, in your experience, is different than the treatment of obesity in children from the treatment of obesity in adults?

First, children reduce weight faster than adults, helped by strong growth.

Second, the child is not able to self — help is needed family. Parents do not have to bring home a sweet and have a child at what he can not.

Third, children up to the age of puberty low motivation weight loss, and here plays a big role position of the parents. Sometimes weight loss against the grandson (or granddaughter) protest grandparents who suffer phobias associated with postwar hungry childhood. If they do not stand on the side of the doctor, and will be, as they say in the East, "on the side of the disease," they will not interfere with treatment, and in that case they need to temporarily suspend the upbringing of the child.

— Can your author's method of Golden Needle ® help in the treatment of childhood obesity?

We were frequently treated by the parents of these children. The fact is that usually in the arsenal of pediatricians and nutritionists have only diet, which in itself is traumatic for the child. By sheer force of will to restrain the appetite in children is almost impossible.

Golden Needle ® technology helps the child to overcome the feeling of hunger by blocking acupuncture appetite. And, importantly, it painlessly get rid of the stereotypes wrong eating behavior.

Four-phase detoxifying herbal medicine protects the child's body from toxic products of fat breakdown, and Antistress brand products Origiteya ® (candy, sweet syrup, stevia) help against a balanced diet diversify taste baby.

— At what age children can take the course Golden Needle ®?

For acupuncture technology Golden Needle ® no age contraindications.

— Doctor, what advice would you give to parents whose children suffer from obesity?

Based on my experience and the experience matured child obesity, in any case, always blame the parents, "I was small, I did not realize you had to treat and educate me, and you did not do what they should have been."

My advice: do not waste your time! Help your child!

Source: Hospital ORIGITEYA ®

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