Object M: alien generator adjustment psychic field of the earth?

October 26, 2011 16:29

These mysterious events began in 1965 with everyday situations. A resident of one of the villages of Estonia mechanic Virgo Mitt going to dig a well in his courtyard.

Deep into the ground for a few meters, Mitt unexpectedly came across some metal plate. No pull, no work around it did not work, and decided to break into Virgo plate hole. A few days later, he pecked her hard hammer. Plate thickness was about four inches, but incredibly strong.

Otkalyvaya away small pieces and putting them in a bucket, the mechanic made a hole the right size, and the well quickly filled with water. Pleased with the work performed, Virgo dumped strange metal from the bucket back e well. He kept the two largest pieces, 10 inches long. Soon, the house began to occur Mitt inexplicable things moving by itself pottery, heard strange sounds and footsteps. In the basement, the lamp lights, which no one involved. Into the yard from the neighborhood were dozens flock cat.

All these weird interested ufologists. They conducted a survey of the yard dowsing and identify the abnormal area. And that's what it turned out that is under the ground was cup-oval object, a diameter of about 15 meters, which lies at an angle of tilt of 35-40 degrees with a dip to the east. Thickness of the object in the middle reaches up to about four meters and decreases towards the edges. Part of the mysterious "plate" lay under the house. Anomalies in the dwelling Mitt ufologists explained by the fact that the object has broken the space-time structure of the place, and the astral bodies of the subtle worlds became much easier to invade our material world.

But according to the official conclusion to cause trouble mechanic was a violation of impermeable horizon and flooding the basement at home. In 1969, one of the pieces of metal left Virgo got to the researcher, GA Viydingu. For a long time nothing much happened with the splinter, but that's up to him once accidentally touched one of his colleagues Viydinga — here is this man lost consciousness and fell.

Sample 'object M "

Struck by the scientist decided to test the effect of the strange metal on other people and "missed" by his employees, relatives, friends and psychics, completing almost 300 questionnaires on the experiment. The reaction test was very different: one zapped, others experience only subtle vibrations, someone felt the cold metal, and someone has a burn on his hand remained. Wanting to find out what this unusual material, Viyding formally sent it to the examination in the laboratory of Institute of Moscow, Leningrad and Kiev, calling the model "object M".

As the years passed, the scientist, who by this time, Deputy Director of the Ministry of Geology of Estonia, never achieved clear results of sample analysis. In 1983 Viyding appealed to the EK Parve — "the most secret man of Estonia," as it was called, at a senior level and have great potential associated with the development of new technologies for space exploration. Broke several diamond saws, a splinter of the "object M" cut into thin slices and sent to study in leading Moscow research institute.

"The horizontal layer of pyrite?"

In research-Union Institute of Aviation Materials, Rare Metals, minerals and the like have been used the most advanced electron microscopes, spectrometers installed, laser analysis, advanced chemical methods. Scientists have found in 38 samples of the chemical elements. It turns out that the metal is a composite, reinforced with calcium-iron-silicon fiber material, the foundation of which was metallic glass.

He was not radioactive, but have the properties of a strong magnet, with a hardness of up to 1280 kilograms per square millimeter, are highly resistant to boiling acids of any strength and heat resistance. Such alloys have not been used even in aeronautical engineering. The documents on the results of the analyzes were the signatures of academics IF Obraztsova and ST Kishkina and Professor A. Elkina. Conclusion of scientists was unequivocal: alloy of this type at the present level of development of science and technology in the world can not be obtained. By order of the Vice-President of the USSR Academy of Sciences Academician AA Yanshina in 1984, an attempt was made to obtain additional samples of metal.

From the well in the yard Mitt pumped water and explored the wall magnetometer. At a depth of six and a half feet, "was marked by a signal indicating the presence of a strong magnetic material." However, the dramatically increased flow of cold water and began to prevent metal extraction from the well. In the summer of 1985 officially ceased work at all, concluding that just "discovered a horizontal layer of pyrite."

"Green Triangle"

In 1986, a former employee of the Ministry of Defense Special Military Institute signed an agreement with the Institute of Geology, Academy of Sciences of the Estonian SSR "Experimental verification of the feasibility of changing the information on the impact of the D-field." With a team of 14 people (part of the military), the officer found at the 'object M "device 34, of which eight were generator mysterious D-field. Outside the anomalous zone excavator dug a pit depth of six meters and measuring 10 × 12 meters.

Under garage at a depth of six meters, prospectors were horizontal output. They have been identified "anomalous metal object in the form of an ellipsoid of revolution 17x12x3, 5 meters with a powerful negative D-field uneven for the project (from four to 34 speed limits in the hand of the operator). The depth of the object in the ground — from 3.5 to 12 meters. " After four months of work, one of the band members got hit in the stomach strange "green triangle" was brought forward from the wall of the well, and lost consciousness. Found in the human body "four burnt diamond". The works were hurriedly dismantled and the results obtained by a group — strictly confidential. Then turned to the Defense Research Institute geologists agreed with them "to drill three wells around the site and placing them in special equipment."

In the summer of 1988 there came Viyding to specify the location of future wells, but drilling of boreholes and has not begun. And in September, the scientist died unexpectedly. The official cause of death — heart attack. Disappeared from the office Viydinga safe with all the documents related to the "object of M". A year later he died, and Parve. Shortly before the death of his diplomat mysteriously disappeared a piece of metal from the "object of M". Bottom of a plastic tube, where it was stored shard somehow destroyed.

Oddities continues

A sorcerer named Ann advised the authorities to fill the well, and even have the required date -15 in November 1988. According to the sorcerer, oddly enough, to listen. But strangely continued to occur. When thrown into the well first bucket of sand, there was a deafening roar. Its cause remained unknown. No damage around were found. Became an independent state in 1991, Estonia has given permission to excavate the "object M" Japanese archaeologists. They set to work vigorously. Smashed area into squares, began to go into the ground and quickly reached the water.

The Estonian side meanwhile kept shooting produced archaeological work. It soon became clear that the documents on the conduct of research have been decorated with disabilities and further excavations ceased. The Japanese, however, seems to have been greatly saddened by this. Perhaps they've set for yourself something useful and important. Later, the authorities of Estonia doznatsya that of Japanese "archeology" supervised personnel scout. .. And so far passions "object M" are not going to die down. Some believe that it is necessary to dig out. Like, this is a unique information and, moreover, hundreds of tons of unusual and precious metal content: engines, equipment and so on.

Ufologists also believe that in the ground under the house Mitt crashed spacecraft, but when he got there and where it came from — is a mystery. There is another version that the "object of M" — not a UFO and alien probe generator, corrective psionic field of the Earth. But be that as it may, is unlikely to find Estonian mechanic respond positively to another invasion. So, before taking up the excavations in earnest, it is necessary once again for reflection.

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