Ode to a stable time


Tralee wali, tili-tili we clocks are: the alarm clock, and a mobile phone, a modern refrigerator, even a player MP3 — his clock inside. The whole house full of clocks: the local telephone numbers in the cassette recorder, the bread maker, a thermometer (which is in the medicine cabinet), in a coffee maker and stove — hell remember them in vanity! Ticks around the house, as it did not explode suddenly. -SLR camera, e-reader, the center of the disks in B-di — hell try to find all! Head swollen from stress: translated clock in the kitchen, and the cuckoo on the wall, on the wrist strap to the radio is at the helm — but literally everywhere, bl …! In the nursery toys, handle coffee mugs, digital scales — even watch them now! Won two balls on the Christmas tree (the tree's time to throw out).

Well shove, well, shove! They say they have in China electronic shit is worth less than a grain! And everywhere you look, something ticking inside. Nosishsya with alarming mug — turned the clock in the hall, TV, di-di-vi — all useful translated! But with the machine for laundry now I understand: you can also go crazy, so read the instructions — "Yes" button and press the "No" button, "fashion", to "set" mode selection button — push strongly for five seconds, the selection of numbers, choice of dates — there is just a hell of hell! It stuck, stuck there, reset, flash, did not get to the right time — and in a circle of eight. Looked back — no problem: translated, but not there! And back it all over again: in the microwave oven, and a tray that makes ice — all two hours ahead. I was told the laptop will do the conversion. But all of a sudden? Maybe he'll sleep time? Maybe the driver is not it? May need access to the Internet that, what not?

Went around the house three times — no clock in the toilet, vacuum cleaner, sausages, in other things — watch. Hour to dig with them all — exposed, as expected, the time! Cheerfully looked out the window visible savings! For an hour did not drink, did not eat, did not listen to loud music, the work is not served — for an hour, consider, not lived!

Savings without thinking: not smoked-plate, the Internet not post nonsense, did not include a hot shower, doing no evil, and did not buy the booze. Cost even me. And count up all over the country? For an hour in the life knocked out! Billion booze not drunk! Preserved wheat and rye! Million unbeaten born! Savings Bandages! Saving the police! Hour on the Volga and in the ecology of Lake Baikal is not shit! Hour swirling shit do not disgrace the country! How the image we have retained in this hour! Hour is not stealing, not sawed, not break, not tupili or sneeze into sleeves and tyrili budget!

Where are the managers — who will count the effect? How much in total across the country have saved money in the treasury? How many bad things have not happened at this hour? For an hour on the invoice as it is lived throughout the country! You see, it's a very modern way! And come up with a good reason tyrit calendar! Quietly discussed the case, wait to sun set. Sun turned away — again! — He stole the hour! Enough is enough — and stole off guard! Will not notice! Sun — sucker!

I, brothers, in fact, once stole a week! Conspiracy in November, tear-off calendar — Whack-zhik-zhik! — And sewn-hush all lived on the bill! That's the court's decision: "The days spent?" — "It seems so!" All lived, all right, the Sun breshet as Bulk. And natural gas but spared ten times!


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