Oil separately, men separately

Though what message of the fall in oil prices or even the ability of such fall in the near future in this country is if you do not panic, the negative emotions for sure. Russian people are just accustomed to the fact that the highest prices oil — Is, they say, for you and me is fine, but the drop in these prices — bad. Such a stereotype forces to give their attention to the growth and lowering the price of hydrocarbons, even those whose incomes, to put it mildly, not much dependent on these macro-economic characteristics, such as supply and demand in the oil market.

Oil separately, the people alone
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For all that, to the Russian people have already managed to convey such a promise, and that, he says, with the highest value of "black gold" can not relax too. And the Russians themselves have seen that in whatever direction cost Oil is not directed (upward or downward), the price tags on Russian gas stations behave as if the most important economists of the world are working specifically in these institutions and are free to put prices because they want without paying attention to the stock information. This looks about the subsequent ways: prices oil crept upward, means it's time to increase the prices of gasoline and diesel fuel, the cost of oil has to go down, the price tags on petrol stations remained constant — which, they say, change, oil again tomorrow "grow up" …

Deliver premier, yell, if you look at a couple of cents cost fall. As the attention of Russian control in this area dries out, so there is a new rise in prices, without regard to market rules.

Eventually we came to a completely absurd situation in which to sell raw materials for the limit was for Russian oil companies more profitable than sell it inside of. It would seem that this is not so bad, because the accrued surplus revenues would be not only to establish new production, and build a transparent pricing system. But in Russia are not that simple. And this state of affairs was formed, of course, not now, but the fact that it continues to remain so, more than alarming.

When the identity of the natural oil prices in the world price of oil inside different. It would seem that such a price should be much lower for exporting countries and significantly higher for those countries in which the import of crude oil prevails for one reason or another. In principle, almost always what happens, and here and there are exceptions. For example, if the cost of oil in the region of 120-125 dollars per barrel, the cost of a liter of gasoline in the oil-producing Venezuela — $ 0,171, Saudi Arabia — $ 0,168, Kuwait — even lower. At the same time, in Russia the average cost of gasoline AI-95 is approximately one buck. But our home — it is far not the only oil-producing world government, in which the prices are so high. For example, in Norway the 95th liter fuel costs almost $ 2.4. It would seem that economic globalization leads to the need for Russian domestic prices for fuel at the highest level so, and nothing unusual and terrible in this. But not all of course. If Russian oil producer associated with oil-producing Norway, it is necessary to mention also about the average standard of living in these countries. And the standard of living, if they believe the statistical estimates in Norway exceeds Russian about 4 times. In other words, the Norwegian highest prices of petroleum products even more adequate solvency of real people than the prices of oil products in Russia.

It turns out that oil dependence, which is not so little is said in the near future, for our country is converted to the same catalyst in a typical state of affairs in the economy. In fact, formed a sinful practice that does not allow the economic instruments to regulate the market sales of hydrocarbons, carrying a fair rassredotachivanie income. Any proceeds from sales going to the municipal budget, work only in one direction — the saturation of the budget of foreign currency, the helplessness of the position which says not only lazy. Such investments in unhealthy European and South American economies are trying to justify the fact that, say, if the economy will start to fall apart, then the Russian financial system remains to be reincarnated. If you talk in those terms, it turns out that the Russian economic model is now in general there is no salvation. To the left you will go — the economy itself torn down, go right — the economy porushat crumbling fragments of the European monetary system, go straight — in Baksova dependence will enter the finale with a similar two preceding.

With all of this quite clear, which requires investments in the same reeling bucks and euros when you can fully consciously increase their own production facilities, which will be able to pull the economy out of all the largest whirlpool. Here we are fit to learn from those of the Chinese, who have transformed their production model in the locomotive of economic development.

But do not smash his fists on his chest and read that thought with the development of domestic production on the basis of high technology, involving a huge number of professionals came up with just us. Of course not … This idea is in the air for as long as time goes disputes over Russian oil according to. But then the wool-thought, a strange thing, is not promoted, as there is reason to impartial, which is called corruption. Well, judge for yourself, do not allow yourself to the owners of the big oil companies to invest in the creation of real, because their main task — is to keep their businesses at the level which allows a country to pose as a huge oil-producing state. In Russia, the need to finance at least some noteworthy innovator of the project calls for the hosts controlling stakes in oil companies such reactions as if they were in fact those funds earn from the most realistic creation. With all of this Russian Federation remains the world leader in the number of billionaires, which by the industrial sector has the tenth treatment. All of their capital — the raw material, which according to the Constitution of the Russian Federation, like, is a national treasure.

And if the total wealth, then, is that any of us can do quiet exploration, find a deposit, purchase equipment and to extract the "black gold" on the Rights of the individual businessman. -Maybe he can, but as they say, who does he give …

It turns out that all we are waiting for a miracle from the Russian economy, realizing that the only decent increase was related to the oil sector, which is in "good hands."

If such a situation in the Russian economy will not change, if any active steps to reform the cerebral source of income — oil sector — will be attempted, our homeland and beyond will depend on what kind of mood right now the owners of gas stations. And judging by the price tag, these citizens mourn Russian Federation just do not know how to …

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