On a number of farms Bashkiria locusts attacked


18.06.11.Srazu of several farms Haybullinskogo district of the Republic received information about the appearance of locusts. In place of the departed members of the Special Commission established by the Ministry of Agriculture under the leadership of Deputy Minister Vladimir Neznanova.

According to the press service of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic, the situation in Bashkortostan associated with invasion of dangerous pests, now fully under control. Since autumn surveys were conducted and found wintering stock locusts. From the spring by experts branches FSI "Rosselhoztsentra" DIVISION Agriculture municipalities, farms are being monitored start hatching pest abundance and distribution for quick action. Specialists Office weekly travel to areas where the fall was detected wintering stock of locusts.

To date for the organization of the struggle against these pests in the country has 1320 sprayers, their productivity is 66 thousand hectares per day. Also, there are 12 units with adjustable spray dispersion, of which one unit per day can process up to 1,000 hectares of farmland. By necessity can connect five AN-2 aircraft, which one day treated 800 ha per aircraft.

In sufficient numbers in the country, there are drugs against pests. Moreover, this year they are granted to agricultural producers with 40-percent reduction in price.

In Haybullinskogo area of the expected five thousand hectares, which may cause locusts to date have been processed 1,200 hectares, according to the press service of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Belarus.

Marina Andreeva

Source: Ufa1.ru

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