On Baikal investigate mysterious phenomena

August 1, 2012 9:12

Bright spot on the background of sky Baikal. Unfortunately, the quality of the recording can not convey all that he saw the human eye. Muscovites Anastasiya Lebedev and Andrei Chernobrov came ashore among the first. We decided to take a walk, look at the sky and …

— Point was burning bright as a star. Her movements were different, chaotic. She could not stand, could move sharply. Freeze could smoothly sail up, slowly down. We excluded the plane, a helicopter, a Chinese lantern. We excluded missiles — said expedition participant (Moscow) Anastasia Lebedeva.

The next day on the bank was established observation post "Kosmopoisk" — an organization that investigates mysterious phenomena, unexplained cases. With the help of special devices ufologists have measurements. Background radiation. A detection of anomalies checks all infrared, electromagnetic radiation.

— Watching the sky and the objects and looking for level indication, you can already guess. For example, yesterday. There was a strong fog, visibility about 35 meters. A device is simply crazy — said expedition member (St Petersburg), Vladimir Kuznetsov.

This expedition "Kosmopoisk" big. Began in Vladivostok. Then there were the craters on the Kamchatka Peninsula, Ivilginski temple. Saratov journalist Yuri Chernyshov up trip wants to write a book. It will set out all the interesting facts. What an ethnographic almanac meeting people throughout Russia with UFOs.

Mysterious phenomena in the lake.  Photo: baikal.irkutsk.ru

Mysterious phenomena in the lake. Photo: baikal.irkutsk.ru

— Gather opinions, points of view, the real phenomenon here in Baikal two days looking associated with unexplained, inexplicable, incomprehensible, unidentified objects. Fly or swim, jump, what you want. What has been the short name UFO — said the journalist, member of the expedition (Saratov) Yuri Chernyshov.

The Baikal expedition will stay until August 2. Then the participants went further, to the west. Final study is planned for September.

TV "Irkutsk"
Alex Shapenko

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