On Earth at the same time there are two worlds

September 27, 2012 12:16

On Earth at the same time there are two worlds

One — on the surface. This is the world in which we live and which alone. But there is another world, hidden in the depths of the earth. About him we know mostly from fairy tales and legends. But sometimes the line between them suddenly collapses. And then on the surface splash strange creatures, strange, unpredictable. Luckily for the residents of our, the surface, the world, a connection between the two worlds are very rare.

One of the places that connect the aerial and underground worlds, is in Russia. It is famous among UFO Devil glade, lurking in the taiga forests of the Krasnoyarsk Territory.

Once in the valley of the small villages existed Cova: Kostin, Chemba, Karamysheva. Otih residents, researchers have learned about the unknown and the Devil's clearing. For the first time opened up a "hole" between the two worlds in 1908, the same year, when all the people of Earth have learned about the miracle of Tunguska. Most investigators connected him to the arrival on our planet a celestial body — "meteorite." But there is another, so to speak, the opposite hypothesis. It was first proposed by geologists All-Russian Institute of Mineral Resources. Studying ancient geological structure, they suggested that the strange phenomena in the atmosphere are associated not with the arrival of a meteorite or comet, and with the release of a bunch of energy from the Earth's interior.

In the year of the fireball in the sky of the shepherds from the surrounding villages found in the forest area of scorched earth with a "bottomless hole" in the middle. It fell steadily cows, so the road was carried to three kilometers away. But this precaution did not help. Scott still continued to disappear without a trace in the forest and how people notice it, just near the Devil's clearing.

In the late 20's "black spot" became interested in livestock N.Semenchenko, served the nearby villages. He even decided to investigate the clearing with the "devil's hole". Standing on the edge of the clearing, he threw a "hole" in the string with a weight at the end. Twine for a few tens of meters left in failure, but the bottom does not get it. Semenchenko surprised striking localization of the killing fields: lethal effects exist only near the "bottomless hole": here lay on the ground dead bird with a strange purple-red meat.

In 1984, after a long search for a clearing found an expedition organized by the Vice-President of the Association of Vladivostok UFO A.Rempelem. Ufologists were surprised to find that a clearing surrounded by unexplained physical field. The compass needle behave very strangely: instead of the magnetic pole is stubbornly pointing to center field. Instruments, fixed electromagnetic radiation, "mad", the sensors "off scale." More Glade acted on the human psyche. Already at a distance from the glade, researchers began to experience bouts of irrational fear. And after work near the many members of the expedition, aching teeth, swollen joints. The work of the expedition had to quickly turn and quickly get out of this place.

On the other side of the planet, in the U.S., savvy American farmers also tell about the place where contact underground and aboveground worlds. From time to time in the land on the banks of the Black River near the town of Lyons Falls opens the "door." Then the villagers repeatedly confronted with a giant mysterious animal. Here's how to describe his working paper mill, has seen a monster near the "dark-brown color, with a round, slightly tapered body, which reeks of sulfur. Eyes shine like silver dollars … "The police tried several times to catch the creature with the help of networks. But the network, and a rope passed through the monster, as if through the air …

But the description of another bottomless "hole" is located in Tajikistan, on the river Vakhsh. The locals are convinced that a slight mound, built, according to legend, soldiers of Alexander the Great, lies the entrance to the fiery underworld. Through it, the evil spirits that live deep underground, "leak" through the piled stones in the form of the devil dog appear on top of the mound in the areola black lights, spreading around the suffocating smell of sulfur …

What can explain the impact of the Devil's fields and other similar places in the people and the whole land of our planet?

Surprising discovery about 10 years ago made the head of research and production center "dowsing" Vladimir Slams. Experts of the center studied the anomalous zone, discovered near the Moscow region town of Zelenograd. It all started so. Once taken for research in the laboratory with the anomalous land territory lay several days in a Moscow apartment. And there is something strange began. Every night at a certain time in tenants began to emerge feeling inexplicable anxiety. Then they suddenly developed fever, first to 37 and then to 39 degrees. More — more. People have become "alive" long forgotten their illness. That's when operators dowsing again floated its scope. And that's what transpired. Every day, around about eight o'clock in the evening, biological brought land begins to rise, gradually filling the entire apartment. Held a half hour, and the field began to decline again, returning to its original size. Such unusual behavior bio confirmed and specially processed photographs taken at the time of the extension. Above the ground tubes are clearly visible bright crescents. And this is one of the signs of the impact of a UFO on the ground.

Further research has been continued by "anomalous zone". She "acted" in a similar way. Every evening at about 90 centimeters per second of it began to spread aura. It slowly rolled on the city. After some time, began a period of "exhaustion" of the field "next." The whole cycle takes 3.5 hours. As the photos taken in the apartment, pictures taken at this time, reflecting the emergence of the "footprints" of various light anomalies.

According to Vladimir cotton, Science City in humans faced with the phenomenon of a sort of "readability" of the information available in the memory of people. From this point of view, the evening is the most favorable. Tired man came home from work. At home, he relaxed, took "mental barriers" to protect it from outside influences. Unconsciously we will expose them, communicating with a large number of frequently not very nice to us humans. At this point, disinhibition and begins to envelop human aura coming from the abnormal area.

And yet, what an interesting discovery was made in the center of "dowsing" and with the help of dowsing framework. It was found that under the ground at a depth of about 200 km, there is a zone of existence of "intelligent life." Of course, it is difficult to imagine a man made up of proteins, living in conditions of temperatures at which the melted rock, and rock pressure at that depth can crush even the metal ball, and not that fragile body. But is it really necessary that a rational being should consist of a protein?

Konstantin Tsiolkovsky was famous not only for his inventions, the predecessors of the age of space rockets. No less known for his philosophical works, in which the scientist wrote about changing over time image of the person. According to Tsiolkovsky, people will consist of fields and will immediately receive the energy from the Sun and the Earth. Such creatures may well live at great depths below the surface of the Earth, the good energy there enough.

Unclear, however, the question remains: where do these intelligent beings could fall to Earth? There may be two downright contradictory explanations.

One of them, life, including a reasonable, first originated on a distant planet from the Sun Foeton, which today was only the asteroid belt. Then life was acquired or transferred to Mars. After Mars has cooled and become unfit for life, it is the turn of the Earth. It is possible that the descendants of intelligent beings from these planets have already acquired a form of physical fields, moved to the planet. But, in order not to interfere with the emerging on the surface of life, settled in the depths of the planet.

It turns out that the "black spots" and "holes" — it passes, have done the internal energy of the Earth, through which the inhabitants of the underworld — clumps of information and energy fields — penetrate into the world of protein creation. If this is the case, all the phenomena observed in these passages — an amazing physical activity fields, strange creatures, easily passing through the network, "readability" of thoughts of people — are explained.

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