On the dried bottom of the Aral Sea found someones mausoleum




For archaeological and ethno-cultural research in Kyzyl-Orda region in 2004-2006 within the framework of the state program "Cultural Heritage" from the regional budget will be allocated substantial funds. Serious attention, in particular, will be paid to the mausoleum "Kerderi", which was previously found in the dried Aral Sea, the agency reports referring to the Provincial Department of Culture.
Research work is also planned to be held in places of burial Cork Date and location of ancient cities Zhankent, Barshynkent and Asanas. Particular attention will be given to the protection of ancient monuments. In addition, it is planned to organize an expedition to ethno-cultural routes "Turkestan-Aral", "Kyzylorda-Samarkand", "Kyzylorda-Orenburg" and to work on the collection of historical and cultural monuments of Aral.

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