On the Missouri River broke through a dam. Video


6.06.11.Vlasti the U.S. state of Iowa conducted emergency evacuation of the shores of the Missouri River in connection with the discovery dam. The situation is aggravated by the fact that during the last month of the river is higher than normal for a few meters. Authorities urged volunteers to help rescue workers laid sandbags to protect the area from the water coming.

Complete the evacuation of the population expected to occur within 24 hours of a state of emergency. It is, above all, the people whose homes are located in the area between the city of Hamburg and the bank of the river. Flooding can also affect the passing on of the federal district of the evacuation route.

Flood situation in the largest tributary of the Mississippi basin, the Missouri River have been due to prolonged rains and head to the river water flow, resulting from the melting of fell in the snow last winter. Flood areas covered eight states, located off the coast of the two rivers. Experts predict that the flood situation in the region can continue until the end of July.

In mid-May of this year as a result of severe flooding on the Mississippi River suffered Mississippi, Tennessee and Arkansas.

The most severe flooding in the Mississippi River there were more than 80 years ago. It began in the fall of 1926 and continued until August 1927. Then the water covered area of ten states covering nearly 70,000 square kilometers. As a result, about a thousand people were killed and another 600,000 were left homeless, like ITAR-TASS.

Lead, Msnbc.com

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