On the Ugandan landslide hit village

Village Namvidisi (Namwidisi) around Bulambuli (Bulambuli), in eastern Uganda, 270 km north-east of the Ugandan capital Kampala, was completely flooded with mud. At least 24 people were killed in a landslide caused by prolonged rainfall. Perhaps this could grow to 35 people, but the bodies of the other members of the Red Cross has not been found. Red Cross staff and villagers dig mud sediment, looking for survivors and victims, reports BBC News.

In the past year, has already taken place nearby a similar incident. Then local authorities have promised to relocate half a million people to avoid the recurrence of such a situation. However, in reality the new place of residence were taken only a few thousand, that is, those who are most at risk. After the existing landslide government again promised to expedite the resettlement of people from the disaster zone.

After last year's landslides on the slopes of Mount Elgon (Elgon) experts said that rapid population growth causes people to cut down trees in the mountains, and it promotes outright mud flows, slipping mass of rocks and floods.

In 2010, landslides have become a scourge in many countries of the world. In August, as a result of landslides in China killed thousands, and a month later under a layer of soil and stones were buried dozens of residents of Guatemala. September 5 huge amount of land covered the crowd of hundreds of people who tried to dig up the highway bus, which came under the previous landslide.


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