One-day fasting

One-day fasting.  Photo from

With the treatment and prophylaxis one can use a one-day starvation— Once a week.

Before the beginning of fasting is recommended to drink 30 ml of infusion laxative herbs. In the morning, at the beginning of starvation, put enema, and during the day one can drink only boiled water to settle and, as an exception one can add a cup of water 1/3 teaspoon of honey and 1 teaspoon of lemon juice. Taking drugs (unless, of course, there is urgent to receive their testimony) should be discontinued as smoking.

After starvation for food should consist of a salad made from fresh vegetables — mostly of shredded carrots and cabbage, flavored with lemon or orange juice, after the salad one can eat boiled vegetables — stewed tomatoes, greenery, collard greens, pumpkin. The second meal can be integrated with the inclusion of meat or other animal products.

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