One for all the mega-continent

April 24, 2012 9:26

You never were concerned about how it will look from space Earth in a few hundred million years?

Geologists believe that billions of years ago the continents disconnected again "eager" to meet, to unite and form a common, but a vast continent, Pangea Supernova.

This continent is, of course, will be polar, which is not particularly good for our very distant descendants, but how do we know who will be at that time living in our beloved planet.

If you believe the conclusions of scientists, similar supercontinent existed on the planet and a very, very long time. The most recent of these was Pangaea, which was located in the center of Africa. Then it split into Laurasia and Gondwana, and only then create our now existing continents. Before that there were still Rodinia and Nun, and now will amaz, which is not affiliated South America or Australia, or Antarctica. They will continue their earthly journey alone, though essentially become acquainted with each other.

And then forgive the Mediterranean and Red Sea with all resorts, coral reefs, exotic fish and other underwater creatures. The beautiful city of San Francisco will be a sandy desert, called Los Angeles, and the California coast connect to Alaska.

Studying our distant past, scientists are trying to investigate the movement of the oceans, all the continents. However, the future of the planet Earth is worrying them strongly enough. With sophisticated technology and measurements could create a model of the Earth, which she turned over about two hundred million years. According to U.S. researcher Geosluzhby Warren Nokleberga enough foremost authority in this field, geologists today well represent the scenario in which will develop geological events.

Of course, scientists at the same time saying that the most complete and reliable prediction route lithospheric layer and changes in the earth's structure can be done only after … 10 million or more years, but today this area of geophysical forecasts — the most popular, despite its hypothetical nature.

Specifically dedicated to the subject web page, a geologist from the U.S. Christopher Skoteze is visited by about 30 million curious. On this site are published predictions of many famous scientists on the tectonic shifts.

According to the former President of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences of Frank Press, 50 million years Africa will dock in its northern part and Europe, resulting in a lost card to the Mediterranean Sea, giving way to the Mediterranean mountains. Vast continent, formed as a result, it will be much more of Eurasia, it can be called conditionally Afraziey.

And while the average person 50 million years are more than an eternity, but in terms of history of the Earth is just a moment. If conditionally accept all last time period of the earth for a year, 50 million years old — it's just four days. It is not out of place to mention that this is exactly the time period makes the most accurate weather forecast.

According Skoteze, 50 million years for the Earth's geology is almost tomorrow all very predictable.

All projections of moving continents associated with the so-called theory of tectonic plates, which originated in the 60s, breaking all previous theories about the immobility of the continents. Today, it is proved that the earth's surface consists of twelve huge blocks of crust, drifting in the liquid mantle, where, under the influence of gravity to create a hot convection currents. It is these flows make plates move, carrying and oceans and continents, bringing together and spreading them. All this looks like a giant puzzle.

Tectonic plates move against each other with the same speed as a person grows around the nails.

However, today it has become possible to record these changes, and with sufficient precision. A huge number of specially designed instruments on the surface of the globe, as well as GPS — Navigation System is able to note even the smallest shift.

Theory concerning the tectonic shifts that gave an opportunity to recreate face of the planet at different time period of its existence. As a result, scientists have suggested that periodically, every 500 million years, all the continents were collected into one mega-continent, which contains all the continental crust, and then they again diverge.

Now existing continents were formed about 200 million years ago due to the split of Pangaea — the supercontinent, and they are now about the same distance from each other.

The first step in modeling the shift of continents by Robert Dietz, who in 1970 published an article on the model of the motion of continents in the future the next 50 million years. He thoroughly studied the San Andreas Fault, which was responsible for massive 1906 earthquake in San Francisco. And today, after more than a century, the threat of catastrophe remains relevant for California and the region adjacent to Los Angeles. This fault is located at the junction of two tectonic plates, one of which — the Pacific, moving purposefully toward North America. Dietz is projected, in 10 million years Los Angeles will move to the level of San Francisco, and 50 million years would be under water, washes Alaska.

Article Dietz Skoteze strong interest, which in those days was still a student. Along with his supervisor, he was a detailed map of possible changes in the continent, and then attempted to portray their perspective shape. And in 1982 at the suggestion of Discover magazine, he tried to describe the contours of the earth's surface after 200 million years.

At the same time he had to take into account all the major events and the rules of the tectonic shifts — is the formation of deep basins, absorbing the ocean floor, the formation of subduction zones, etc. In 1998, he opened a page on the Internet, where he published the results of their work entitled Paleomap Project.

Today Skoteze already went even further — to 250 million ahead. He modeled the future map of the Earth on which the present continents joined in one sverhkontinent called Skoteze latest Pangea.

According Skoteze, Africa "naedet" in Europe, as a result formed a giant mountain range, which will run from the Indian Ocean, taking for themselves the Apennines, the Alps, the Balkans, the Crimea, the Carpathians and the Caucasus Mountains. Australia took the path toward the north, resulting in islands of the Malay Archipelago and Indonesia will rise to the level of the Himalayas. In the end, it "will beat" to the shores of Asia.

Antarctica drift away deep into the Indian Ocean, and somewhere between Indonesia and Madagascar "runs aground." As a result, the Indian Ocean will be an internal marine waters. However, the largest tectonic "shock" will be the complete disappearance of the Atlantic. Africa will face Newfoundland and Brazil would hit the south of Africa.

Such movements will increase, and, in the end, today's continents will merge into one giant continent.

There is another school, a concept somewhat at odds with the predictions Skoteze: continents are not closer together and move away from each other, and made a complete circle around the planet are connected. Proponents of this school have no doubt that divorce can not be changed continents. They predict the death of the Pacific, not the Atlantic, which is why two American continent will continue to exist in the Asian.

Sverhmaterik, which appeared as a result of this movement, Sergei Pisarevsky who works at the Center for tectonic studies in Australia, called the amaz.

But geologists still know very little about the causes of the movement of tectonic crustal plates, so do try to avoid long-term forecasts. Although they believe that in the future decade will be much clearer, but the assessment, however, become very cautious.

Of course, technological progress will help to make more accurate predictions to which society is tremendous interest. After all, to find out what will happen to our beloved planet, interesting to all. However, there are not long in coming: kakih-nibud 50 million years.

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