One person died because of snow that hit the south of Argentina

Heavy snowfall in fact paralyzed life in the southern Argentine province of Tierra del Fuego, one person was killed and completely disrupted traffic, said on Tuesday the channel Telesur.

According to local authorities, the depth has fallen since the beginning of June was 70 inches of snow on the plains and up to a meter in the mountains. In the coming days is expected to 20 centimeters of snow precipitation. Meteorologists say that the number has fallen since the beginning of the month of snow higher than in the winter of last year (in the southern hemisphere it is winter).

Due to the critical situation in the province was forced to declare a day off on Monday, so that people do not go out and do not put themselves at risk. Thus, a young girl was killed by riding along with her friends in makeshift sled on fresh snow: at the speed it fell into the road and hit her head against the wall, was fatally wounded.

Tuesday opened educational institutions and shopping centers, but few visitors because of traffic jams.

Appropriate urban services the provincial city Ushuaia with civil defense and gendarmerie clock cleaned streets and roads. At the same time, air travel is not interrupted.

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