One person was killed and over 15 injured as a result of tornadoes in the southern U.S.

Photo: ITAR-TASSOne person was killed and over 15 injured in several tornadoes that struck on Wednesday at a number of Southern States. As the representatives of the local authorities, tornadoes touched several cities in Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Georgia.
The only fatality was recorded in Georgia: by falling tree killed the driver of the vehicle. Injuries to occupants of the park for trailers, cottages in Alabama near the town of Opelika. Many mobile homes there were seriously damaged.
In total, the tornado destroyed dozens of homes, some of the structure due to strong winds have been separated from the base and moved a few meters, are seen on the roads around fallen trees. Because of the failure of power lines over 20 thousand customers remain without electricity.
Contributed to the formation of stormy weather, a cold front from the Gulf of Mexico, now passing through the south-east of the country. According to the Meteorological Service of the United States in the next few days in the region will remain a risk of tornadoes. In addition, in the southern states expect strong thunderstorms and wind storms.
On average in the United States each year, the tornado killed 70 people. In April, the victims of the disaster in the southern region were about 250 Americans.

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