Ontario, Canada: people worried by tremors

For months, the residents of the southern and western parts of the city Windsor is concerned about the ground motion of unknown origin, reports vancouversun.com
"These tremors under, accompanied by a mysterious hum — a real phenomenon, and it's happening, and we still can not pinpoint what it is," — says the city manager Al Maghnieh. "But I think that this is potentially very dangerous," — he added.According to him, he began receiving calls from concerned citizens back in March. Then early Friday morning, he first visited the house where the words of its people, there is a strange hum.
He put the bottle on the ground with the water and noticed that the vibrations cause a ripple on the water's surface. In another place, he could hear the aluminum siding on the house published the sound of vibration.
"It felt very distinctly," — said Maghnieh and added that since received about two dozen calls and half a dozen letters from different people with similar complaints.
The Ministry of Environmental Protection study the issue, resulting eliminated the influence of industrial sources. Maghnieh says that now the phenomenon requires further study.
Source: FinalNews

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