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Wits say mythical dragons eat virgins and progressive decline of morals at some point in unison died from malnutrition. Joking aside, in our Palestine, perhaps, a million in a lottery to win easier than finding a girl who before the wedding, no, no.

However, there are times when this is the long-lost innocence (or rather its physical evidence in the form of screams and blood-stained sheet) someone needs desperately. To help in this case, for a fee, are taken doctors who conduct simple operation called "hymen reconstruction surgery." About her popularity among female students pyatikursnitsa with exotic names like Mary or Nonna, known to many. It is no secret that in the Muslim countries and the Caucasus for the absence of hymen (the same hymen), you can pay not only a shame, but life.

So, when my sister said her colleague was a virgin, the first question was, "Why?". Explanation is quite simple: pretty nurse Marinochka with a bunch of "former" Two and a history of abortion finally decided to take personal life seriously. After exploring the imposing gentleman, which drank grief with an unfaithful wife, Marina realized that innocence for the rest of his delectable female qualities and discounted "darn" a friend's doctor.

Of course, watch out for such an exotic topic, I could not have talked to a virgin, and the newly-minted doctors who had to have an educational program on the restoration of virginity.

How to make the "girls"

In the truest sense of the hymen can not be restored — this fragment of the mucous membrane of the vagina is too thin, but the symptoms mimic those of innocence, as the narrowness of the entrance and bleeding, surgeons have learned to skillfully.

Among the many ways (someone doing their invention!) Hymenoplasty is now being actively used by two. The first version of the return of innocence — to sew scraps of chaff to the mucosa or sew edges if the hymen is not damaged very much. Now this method is rarely used because it requires a jeweler's skill of the surgeon, and many girls because of a well-established private life of hymen does not have even memories. In addition, if such an operation re-deflowering take place in 6-10 days, otherwise the suture material can simply disappear, and the patient's money will fly away on the wind.

Therefore, the "restorers of Innocence" more in the course of a three-layer closure of the vestibule — a more reliable method in which all the charm of a lady defloration be able to experience even a few years after the procedure. And become a "like new" can not once, not twice, surgeons have patients who might as well give the card a regular customer.

But back to the marina. Virginity she returned as an acquaintance of three hundred-dollar bills by three-layer hymen reconstruction surgery (in general, depending on the clinical procedure costs between 10 and 30 thousand).

The surgeon asked about the absence of pregnancy, has demanded a smear on the purity of the flora, blood, and shaved crotch and to-day operations of the stomach was empty. The anesthesiologist asked if everything was OK with the heart (although they should do an electrocardiogram), there was once a general anesthesia and, after the answer, Marina went to the medical mission. The procedure itself took place on the gynecological chair and took on the force for about forty minutes, in the evening Marina was already home.

Sick at Hymenoplasty nobody discharged, but the next day, according to Marina, the work was the last place she wanted to be: sitting hurt, toileting requires mental effort. However, according to the very same patient, it is tolerable inconvenience, only bad thing about them was not warned in advance.

However, the sensation of Hymenoplasty — flowers over the event for which it is held. Doctors warn honestly — if the usual deflowering pain and blood phenomenon is not mandatory, then the "echo" of the whole will be abundant. Indeed, according to Marina, the second "first" wedding night was shaped torture, although Knight was pleased.

Five reasons why girls go to "darn":

1. The desire to deceive the partner or relatives

Hymenoplasty — a real salvation for women from orthodox religious cultures, in this case, going to the surgery, few dare to criticize. But selfish ladies like Marina, do not like neither men nor women. The first unpleasant to feel duped, and the latter complain about "unfair competition."

2. Return of virginity lost without sex

The reasons can be mass: sloppy gynecologist, reckless masturbation, tampons or exercise. Some might say thank you, for being the first sex will be painless, but if the result of such a defloration girl gets psychological trauma, psychologists sometimes do recommend hymenoplasty.

3. The desire to start life anew.

The desire to forget about the first man on drunk sex, rape, and other options, when the "first ever" just turned out not so, as we would like, can cause a woman to the doctor. But, again, in the surgery in this case is not even desirable, and have to go through the office of the psychologist. Otherwise, the procedure can result in even greater emotional trauma.

4. For the sake of new experiences in sex.

Sometimes the queue for the second virginity become and with the knowledge of the second half: some want to return the feeling of the first night, the other — a symbolic gift virginity loved, and someone embodies sexual fantasies.

5. For professional reasons.

Now for the money "simulate" virginity of the girl may even prostitutes. By the way, their operation is very popular because psevdodefloratsiya brings a lot of money.

Virginity is not as easy as it is painted

Despite the fact that the hymen reconstruction surgery — a real operation of the equipment it is not taught in medical schools for ethical reasons, and possible complications have not been described in any textbook. However, a small selection of possible problems shared practitioner doctor-gynecologist:

  • illiterate doctor can "mend" the patient is too strong;
  • a few days after the hymen reconstruction surgery may be spotting. If they suddenly become too abundant, immediately seek medical attention;
  • About a week after the surgery might be a pain, which can be removed by conventional analgesics;
  • a fresh wound easily carry infection, so special attention should be paid to hygiene. For at least two weeks contraindicated bath, sauna and especially swimming in lakes and pools;
  • and another complication is associated with defloration — occasionally breaks are too deep and require subsequent treatment, are particularly at risk in this case, those who gave birth naturally and aged ladies.

Generally speaking, because of good blood supply to the vagina, it recovers quickly and complications after hymen reconstruction surgery — is the exception rather than the rule. In this case, depending on the "scope of work" to return to the joys of sex can be a week to a month — finally a date determined by the physician.

In addition to physical complications newfound virgin can wait and ethical issues.

First, try to help win the respect of men lie in itself somewhat naive, but if the hype will reveal, it can not do without consequences. Especially if the other half has repeatedly reproached "ruined innocence."

Secondly, it is possible for life to become dependent on the length of the language of those who are privy to intimate secrets.

Third, men are not so naive: your bed experience will want to carefully hide and reliably play innocent. In addition, men are also sometimes read women's magazines, so the forums "how to distinguish the real from the creation of a virgin
surgeon?" (By the way, will be able to do that only an experienced gynecologist) is not uncommon.

Therefore, before exploring the gynecological cases jeweler should think again: it needs this Hymenoplasty — not the most pleasant, and from a physiological point of view it is quite superfluous procedure.

Source: Magazine "Be healthy"

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