Orthodontics, or why it is necessary to correct the bite

Orthodontics or why you need to correct the bite.  Photo from http://creative.gettyimages.com

Orthodontics— Is the branch of dentistry dealing with the prevention and correction of violations of the teeth and malocclusion.

The frequency of abnormal occlusion of the Russian population ranges from 50 to 80%. Moreover, up to 37% of cases require special orthodontic care.

To correct an incorrect position of teeth or not — a questionwhich not always possible to give a definite answer. It happens that this defect affects only thing that spoils a smile. No functional impairment, testimony that would dictate the need for treatment, as it does, say, with purulent appendicitis or heart diseases, such pathologies are extremely rare. Butyet half of these patients definitely need orthodontic care.

  • First, nowadays crooked teeth can prevent a person's career, which can not be seen some 10-20years ago. In such a man as would be the stamp of inferiority. Realizing this, he begins to complex twice, trying to avoid contact with new people. This can cause loops ("fad") on the problem of crooked teeth, andmanis the way in which he persuaded himself, he is seen by outsiders.
  • Secondly, there are objective reasons related to the anatomy maxillofacial of the person. Right bite was created by nature to teeth upon chewing gum uniformly distributed load. However, in violation of bite some teeth take on the functions of the teeth, which, because of wrong position off of the process. All this in turn will lead to greater susceptibility to caries, early loss of teeth and subsequent sophisticated prosthetics. Yavleniemi common with malocclusions are increased abrasion, malfunctions and diseases Temporomandibular joint, various periodontal disease.
  • Third, incorrect placement of the teeth can lead to diseases gastrointestinal food tract as bite defines functions such as the mouth with chewing and swallowing.

At what age to start treatment with an orthodontist?

Previously it was thought that such treatment can only be carried out during the formation of teeth-jaw system, ie in children and adolescents. Currently, there are new designs that allow for orthodontic correction with good results in both children and adults. It all depends on how much a person is the teeth and the condition of the periodontal tissues. Of course, with age, reduced the compensatory capacity of the organism, is more difficult to adapt to the procedure for long-term treatment, but in theory, you can correct crooked teeth and ninety years.

Ideally, however, reasonably in advance to take care of it early — in childhood and adolescence. Care should be taken proper nutrition toddler, including the diet enough solid food. If you are having difficulty with chewing, the child is breathing through the mouth, day and night sucking her finger — is needed Orthodontist. It will develop a set treatment and prevention procedures with special machines and platelets, which will prevent a very difficult problem in the future.

If malocclusion still formed, consult an orthodontist, who will decide at what age is best to start treatment.

By the way, the vast gap between the teeth, which appear in the6-7years — not a sign of malocclusion. Just jaw is growing rapidly, ready to take large molars, then everything returns to normal. And be inherited errors of nature can be reliably identified in7-8-year-olds: At this time in full molars start to grow.

Among the modern systems for the correction of occlusion release removable appliances that are assessed in children with primary teeth, andbraces, used in children 11-13 years with the generated permanent dentition. Now there is a huge choice braces: Metal, plastic and almost imperceptible, sapphire brackets. The "invisible" braces — lingual, they are mounted on the lingual (inner) side of the teeth. Treatment onBraces lasts half or two a year, depending on the complexity of corrections.

In adult patients, the possibility of orthodontic treatment is determined by the condition of the periodontal tissues (the immediate environment of the tooth). If there are any some pathological changes, the doctor will determine an acceptable treatment strategy, so as not to aggravate the process. Healthy teeth are aligned even with crowns or pins. Immutable conditions — lack of carious teeth, careful attention to hygiene, a desire to be beautiful and healthy. Usually treatment takes half or two year.

Of course, the correction of crooked teeth is associated with some discomfort, certain time and material costs. And to justify their reluctance to tinker with the child, to persuade him to make wearing a mouth correcting device, some mothers waving his hand behold, they say, and I have crooked teeth, but nothing, got married, have a family, a job … Later, when the child grows up, he will not thank their parents for a given to him as a child some slack.

Beautiful straight teeth — is an element of culture that defines the modern man. Many patients often refuse treatment because they think: very ugly walk 15 years from the "glands" on the teeth. This is absolutely wrong. Known for top model world size Cindy Crawford did not hesitate to go to the podium, showing the clothes of the leading designers and your smile with braces. She knew that to perfection lacks a dazzling smile.

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