Otherworldly reality

November 27, 2011 2:43

Ghost can be seen on the street

In the media, people often see messages about meetings with ghosts. Most of them are questionable. Still, there are examples of manifestations of supernatural beings who almost impossible to refute.

Phantom of the flower

Cases related to ghosts, especially convincing when the latter is directly interfering in people's lives. For example, send some information.
That's what happened with the case of a young Englishman Ounom Harrison. He came to Europe from South Africa, where at that time his family lived, to take part in the fight against fascism, and died in Italy in 1944. Although the Harrison family settled in South Africa many years ago, his ghost, shrouded in a golden mist, appeared in their old home in England, where she lived at the time a young man's aunt, Mrs. Fix.

The ghost said, "Tell Mama" — and disappeared. Struck Mrs. Fix decided she fancied.
But a few days otherworldly visitor reappeared with the same request.
This time he added the name — Helen — and showed a blue flower, which Mrs. Fix never seen before. She finally decided to write to his sister in South Africa and talk about their encounters with the ghost of his nephew. In a response letter stated that the blue flower — is an orchid that was once a young man quietly passed from the exhibition of exotic flowers. First name Ellen Owen put close to a dead end, but soon found out that was the name of a girl, in which he was in love — found his love letters to her. Grieving relatives of the deceased were convinced that their son was still alive after the death of his physical shell.

A good name is restored!

Ghost can be seen in the theater

Look authentically such sightings of ghosts, when, for example, the spirit of the murdered shows people a place where his body, and ceases to be only after the body buried with appropriate ceremonies.
Find the body (when prompted ghost) can even after tens or even hundreds of years after the crime. Many such cases. Much less a ghost killed points directly to her murderer. The most famous example of this is the business of the American Lieutenant James Sutton.
Army authorities announced that he had committed suicide. But the spirit of Sutton appeared several times to his mother and other relatives with a message that actually killed him. Moreover, he described in detail the details of the murder and named the culprits.
Case received publicity, and the military leadership had to resume the investigation. Lieutenant body was exhumed. Examination showed that it really killed, and the wounds were inflicted to the places which have a conversation with her mother ghost. Repeated Court confirmed that there is no version of suicide. A good name is James Sutton has been restored, and has since ceased to be the ghost of their living relatives.

At an altitude of 6000 meters

Flight New York — Miami hour before the fatal flight

Meeting with the ghosts often explain hallucinations. Of course, hallucinations include eyewitness testimony of one, two, even many (known since mass hallucinations), but when the same ghost see hundreds of people at different times, the probability of hallucinations reduced to zero.
Here is the history of American passenger plane which crashed at night December 29, 1972 in the skies over Florida. Disaster was preceded by a strange dream one of the flight attendants who worked for flights New York — Miami, served by the plane. Dream lasted a few seconds, but she clearly remembered the vision of steaming aircraft falling into the swamp. Talking about it to colleagues, she claimed that the event should take place sometime before the New Year. No one gave her values. But somehow before the next flight with the flight attendant had a nervous breakdown. I had to replace it with another girl. And that night with the aircraft on which it was to fly, it happened in a dream seen by a disaster.
The plane actually crashed into a swamp.
In the spring of 1973 by the pilots flying in the fatal route, rumors began to spread amazing.
Though in almost every flight in the cockpit or cabin mysterious figures appear in the form of fliers. Easily recognized by ghosts who died in the ill-fated voyage of Captain Robert Loft and flight engineer Don Repo. The authorities initially covered up this information, but growing body of evidence from day to day, and in the end it was leaked to the press.
An investigation revealed that the ghosts appear not only on those planes that fly from the dead airliner. They appeared on all aircraft, which were set to take from it parts.
The airline has ordered them off the aircraft, and the ghosts are gone. Apparently, the souls of the dead pilots finally found peace and moved to a different, better world.

"The Robber" passes through the door

Another proof of the existence of ghosts — is fixing their appliances. Until recently, most experts were of the opinion that the ghost did not really appear where there is no living people who could see them and hear. However, with the development of video technology, it became clear that for the appearance of spirits are not necessarily the presence of witnesses. Mysteriously, like the ghosts appear on film tracking cameras that monitor the deserted rooms. In 1991, one such camera recorded the otherworldly visitor who visited the empty nightclub "Butterflies" in Oldham (England).

Ghost can be found in church

October 27th club manager Cameron Walsh Bolshou and his assistant John Reid, leaving work, as usual, in the morning, do not forget to lock the room and turn on the alarm. However, at half past four they called the police and reported that the "butterfly" alarm. Cameron and his assistant rushed to the club, where there were guards. The club was all the same, but the alarm actually worked — someone was trying to get to the office of the club. An extensive search of the premises revealed no trace of the robber.
But the main mystery was waiting for police viewing the tracking camera installed in the corridor. Camera captures the corridor passing male figures in dark trousers and a shirt with short sleeves. The man looked like an ordinary burglar. He reached the end of the corridor, and without stopping, just walked through the locked door, behind which there was a room with a cashier.
Stunned audience again and again scrolls the film, hoping that their eyesight fails. But there was no mistake.
The videotape clearly visible locked door and a man who goes through it! Clockwork camera recorded the time — 4:32:22. Just at this time, and the alarm went off!
In November 1991, experts from the British Association for the investigation of anomalies conducted a comprehensive study of the entire incident, including an analysis of the film footage. It turned out that in the clubhouse, which was built in the nineteenth century, there were many times various ghosts. There was in it and poltergeist.
The incident galvanized the public. Local newspaper Oldham Evening Chronicle a photograph ghost, and one of the residents — one Derek Lloyd said the attacker was a ghost of his father, who died in the building during its restoration in 1936 under mysterious circumstances. Skeptics have suggested that the film Save the image of someone who walked down the hallway before. In other words, there was a juxtaposition of shots. Club manager Cameron Walsh Bolshou firmly rejected such a possibility.

— We have a lot of films — he said, — and every night we put the video on the net. This is a prerequisite of our insurance agreement.

Checking film technicians BBC BBC revealed that Cameron is right: no layering frames could not be. This once again proved that the unusual figure, marching down the hall and penetrated through the locked door could be removed only in the night of October 27.
So, the night visitor was quite real. His figure is not only imprinted on the video, but also caused alarm. But the visitor passed through a locked door! Nothing else but that night club visited ghost assumed impossible.

Igor Voloznev

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