Our ancestors felt the electric and magnetic fields

December 10, 2011 1:24

We're all on the nature of psychics

We're all on the nature of psychics

With compass in my head …

Scientists from the University of Massachusetts Medical School assure that a person could feel the magnetic field, and hence the focus on it without a compass. As a dove. As would have built-in compass right inside the eye. After all, everything you need for it, there is. And it is quite functional.

The fact that the eyes of birds, mammals and insects have a particular protein cryptochrome, which allows owners to respond to the magnetic field. His kriptohrom is in humans. But not any more. At least with the same force as that of the Friars Minor.

That's what the experiment devised neurobiologist Steven Reppert, find the beginnings of a sixth sense in humans. He trained to fly nalovlennyh pass maze, guided by the artificial magnetic field. Flies over and over again successfully coped with the task — of course, thanks to the "magnetic" squirrel.

They then stripped them fly cryptochrome. And they no longer navigate the maze.

Eventually Reppert gave the same flies human "magnetic" protein. Skills and pass them back to the maze. Flies like a "magnetic" seen the light. Consequently, our kriptohrom as part of the body is quite serviceable. Performs its functions. But before using it for some reason, the case does not reach.

Conclusion neuroscientist: nature and people awarded sensitivity to magnetic fields. However, this power, which seems to have originally had our ancestors has been lost during evolution. Maybe the sixth sense was excessive. And five people were enough.

— Sixth sense in humans there is, — he says. — It is necessary to recognize. But how we use the magnetic susceptibility is not clear yet.

It looked like the ancestor of all psychics.

It looked like the ancestor of all psychics.

… And ammeter

At the dawn of evolution all vertebrates and felt an electric field. In fact, were psychic. And the oldest American scientists have discovered.

Predatory marine fish, which lived 500 million years ago, was equipped with a special of-electroreceptors. Studies have shown that it is, this fish is in direct evolutionary relationship with 30 thousand species now inhabiting the earth. Including humans. It turns out that we let very far, but it was the ancestor of the psychic.

Discovery allowed Willy Bemis, head of research, professor of ecology and evolutionary biology at Cornell University, to conclude that some modern species with a sixth sense, such as the platypus and echidna, it is not developed in the course of evolution. On the contrary, maintained once purchased a specific device from the "base set" inherent nature. Others have somehow lost this fixture.

According to Bemis, lost only specific cells, and the corresponding genes for extrasensory perception, did not disappear without a trace. And just dreaming.

Therefore, it is possible that in humans potentially laid great ability. But they are of them in their general mass do not guess. Do not use, develop, do not train.

While some uniques might somehow realize that bestowed by nature, even small crumbs. Or given to them at birth more than others. But this is enough to be known as a psychic. Say, X-rays, people who can see others through.

Liver cells emit green light.

Liver cells emit green light.


The liver has a laser

Genetics, physics and biology at Harvard for the first time in the world to emit radiation in the biological object. Laser produced a living cell from a human liver. And she began to emit directed coherent beam of green, which was visible to the naked eye.

The authors of the experiment has not yet thought about the practical application of its achievements. But it turns out that the laser beams shoot through their own bodies, as did some X-Men, not so fantastic. Such a principle possibility does exist.

— Biological lasers would not work in the test tube and in living organisms — agree Harvard scientists — Professor Seok-Hyun Yun and colleague Malt saw mills.


Scientists prove: Liar not lie

Hit his head, especially bruised forehead, the person feels that his eyes seemed to be raining sparks. "Already Living Daylights" — for centuries to say in such cases. But it is unlikely there will be people who will consider the phenomenon of the real. Like, are not stupid, you know: it only seems.

— If you close your eyes and strongly rubbed their hands, you can see the bright spots, dots, sparks and color flashes, called phosphenes, and appear on a simple click on the eye — usually explain ophthalmologists those who still interested in the biological essence of the phenomenon. — Your optic nerve transforms the physical effects of various bizarre images. So, after being hit in the eye or on the head, you can see before your eyes sparkle.

But Baron Munchausen insisted in one of his true stories: the spark thrown out of the eye, can be ignited gunpowder. And was not that far from the truth. At least modern scholars give rise to such a trust.

Research conducted at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), testify that human bones have piezoelectric properties. That is capable of generating electricity from impact.

— It is hard not to feel excited when you find new and interesting phenomenon — says Professor Steven Johnson. Together with his colleagues he estimated the effects arising in the skull bones. And found they generate a current.

Professor inspired, of course, not Munchausen. A strange anomalies observed in the field. The goal was to try to understand why the shells exploded far enough away from the soldiers, sometimes cause severe concussion. And, as it turned out, the case is likely to electricity, which produces a skull under the influence of mechanical stress.

Of the computer model, prepared by Professor, output: even very weak shock wave creates a strong piezoelectric effect in the skull bones. And to work out so the current can disrupt the brain and even cause damage.

The most amazing thing: electrical discharges are mainly concentrated around the eyes. That is the spark they are given to us not only in perception. And have a real physical nature — electricity. As in pezozazhigalkah. So why not suggest that under certain conditions, a spark, worked out a skull, exits the box? And do not will burn flammable powder.

Conclusion: Munchausen prihvastnul. Real Living Daylights — a rarity. But it is not fiction.

Scientists MIT, talking about the results of their research, not joking. Report on the sparks of the skull was made at the meeting of the American Acoustical Society (Acoustical Society of America) in Baltimore. This is very serious.

The charge is concentrated mainly around the eyebrows.

The charge is concentrated mainly around the eyebrows.


Munchausen extracted Daylights

In St. Petersburg, I lived well.

I used to go hunting, and now remember with pleasure a fun time with me almost every day happened so many wonderful stories.

One story was very funny.

The fact is that out of my bedroom window was visible vast pond where vodilos much every game.

One morning, going to the window, I noticed the pond ducks. I instantly grabbed the gun and ran headlong from the house.

But hurry, he ran down the stairs, I hit my head against the door, so much so that I have the eye of sparks.

That did not stop me.

I ran on. Here at last and a pond. Takes aim at the fattest duck, I want to shoot — and, to my horror, I notice that there is no gun flint. And without flint not shoot. Run home for silicon?

But it ducks can fly.

I sadly lowered his gun, cursing his fate, and suddenly I had the brilliant idea.

As hard as I hit his fist on the right eye. Of the eye, of course, and sparks. And gunpowder in an instant burst.

Yes! Gunpowder flashed, the gun fired, and I killed with one shot ten great ducks.

Advise you whenever you decide to start a fire, obtain the right eye the same spark.

(Rudolf Erich Raspe. "The Adventures of Baron Munchausen").

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