Outbreak of foot and mouth disease in East Kazakhstan. Video


Photo from: radikal.ru

* 8/25/11 * In East Kazakhstan to quarantine the closure of a village. In the village Karashilik recorded outbreak of FMD. Through the destruction of cattle already in the hundreds.

According to local residents, to date, in the village burned for 600 head of cattle and small ruminants. The outbreak villagers called carelessness of officials.

Allegedly when on a farm near poselkayaschurom sick cattle, nobody is paying attention. Now the situation is getting worse every day, say residents. Meanwhile, members of the local Akimat argue that the loss of cattle in the village stopped a few days ago.

Now Karashilik quarantined: exit and entry here is strictly limited. In the village sanitary practices and emergency vaccination of animals to protect them from infection remains healthy cattle.

Aset Nurdybaev, resident s.Karashilik:

— Up to now there is infection of cattle! They said they would stop it, but nothing changed. There are houses in which infected the cattle! For example, the neighbors immediately killed 20 cows and 7 calves!

Report: Elmira Akhmetov, Alexander pail

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Source: CTC

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