Over Mexican volcano Popocatepetl seen UFOs. Thrilled and ufologists and journalists

February 21, 2013 18:57

Mass UFO aspiration to the foot of the volcano Popocatepetl in Latin America was due to the confusion of local TV journalists — contrary to the usual situation in which, on the contrary, the frames made by amateurs anomalies, it is difficult to show on TV, according to International Business Times.

The footage, obtained close to the scene, you can see how a few moving lights, similar to the three-dimensional point of glowing, flying up to the volcano from different angles and hiding behind him, as if descending directly into the mouth.

Black-and-white video, broadcast on local television, even outside of Mexico caused a strong interest in the UFO and people, more or less interested in paranormal phenomena.

Mexican volcano was literally a hot spot for UFO observers who express version, that it may be particularly important for space aliens. Among ufologists popular theory that the volcano is a meeting place for intergalactic aliens, and Summit.

Same version of the meteorites that have fallen out of the meteor shower, proposed by astronomers, was immediately rejected by experts on "flying saucers."

Last year, the volcano Popocatepetl was famous for recording with him ended cigar-shaped object, vertical part of the smoking crater. Experts from the International Astronomical Union ruled meteorite, as well as the risk of falling debris, "spit" in the eruption of a volcano. Careful analysis of video recordings showed that it is a well-rigged sham.

We note, in late January just eight unidentified flying objects were reported in the skies over Mexico. Of each object came some luminescence. Put forward the theory that it is a secret American aircraft TR-3B, has incredible speed and huge size. The details of this top-secret project has long occupied the minds of ufologists, who believe that his technology was borrowed from aliens, and allows you to "cut" effect of the gravitational field of the Earth. However, the solution was simple — high in the sky hovered wild white geese.

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