Over Mexico have been several UFO




Mexican military pilots filmed 11 unidentified flying objects in the skies over southern Campeche state. This is on the condition of anonymity, said the representative of the Ministry of Defense, reports AP.
This past day video, which depicted a UFO, was broadcast on Mexican television. On the tape, it is clear, as some bright glowing objects are moving fast in the night sky.

The recording was made on March 5, 2004. using infrared equipment. Objects are not installed origin were observed at a height of about 3.5 thousand meters Here radars have recorded only three of the 11 sites. The strange phenomenon of the pilots observed during the normal patrol flight. In this case, the pilots argue that the UFO disappeared as soon as the fighters stopped their chase.

History of confirmed appearances of UFOs over the territory of Russia is also quite interesting. For example, a mysterious accident occurred in 2001. Barnaul, where an unidentified flying object interrupted the normal operation of the local airport.

UFO appeared on the runway in the dark, leaving the airport was closed about half an hour. CEO of the airline "Altai" Ivan Komarov told the local media that the object was glowing.

Taxiing to the start of the crew of the cargo plane Il-76 refused to take off when he saw a UFO. The pilots returned the plane to the parking lot. According to NTV, for the same reason, another cargo plane, en route from Irkutsk, without making an intermediate landing in Barnaul airport, went to the alternate. According to Ivan Komarov, hour and a half went to the side of the airport and disappeared.

Before this incident, the last time officially confirmed the UFO incident was recorded in Russia in November 2000. The attendants of the two outfits outposts Derbent border patrol noticed the movement of an unidentified flying object.

As reported then RBC Dagestani Interior Ministry, fast-moving target was fixed late at night in the area of human settlements Kazmalyar and New Phil Magaramkentskogo region of Dagestan, on the border with Azerbaijan. The object flew at an altitude of 100 meters from the mountains to the Caspian Sea and carried the three lighted the fire. After about two minutes, the object disappeared from the border. Neither the guards nor the representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs failed to explain that it was for the object.


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