Over Russia is maturing new ozone hole


9.04.11.Na north European Russia, Siberia and Yakutia in late March — early April 2011. there was a significant decrease in ozone column. According to the report Roshydromet ozonometric network monitoring data show that by the end of winter, the total ozone in the Arctic was at 30-40% below historical averages.

Forecasters explained that winter in the polar region, above which in the middle atmosphere is so-called circumpolar vortex (CPI), usually thinning of the ozone layer. This year, the CPI was deeper, cold, vast in size and sedentary than in previous years. The last time such events were observed in 1996. and 1997.

The lack of ozone is dangerous because of the possibility of increased UV exposure. However, the deficit in the episodes cloudy weather and low spring sun provided in these areas safe levels of solar radiation.

Today, CPI is over Central Siberia, in the coming days will contribute to the cold weather in the European part of the country and the unusually warm weather in Siberia. Ozone in the system fills the circumpolar vortex will grow.

Observations of the thickness of the ozone layer are carried out on a network of ground stations and satellites. In Russia, total ozone in the atmosphere are carried by almost 30 points, the report says Hydromet.


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