Over Ryazan apartment collapsed roof


2.09.11.V noon on Friday, September 2, hit two plates — the overlap of the roof and technical floor — over 35 apartment house № 38 on the street in Ryazan Novoselov, resulting in a crack in the apartment. This was told the head of the regional Emergencies Ministry Oleg Nikiforov at a press conference on Friday.

According to him, 33-36 tenants relocated for safety and spend the next night with relatives. No one was injured, as the threat of collapse at home, Nikiforov said, saying that similar — "one to one" — the situation was three years ago in Kanishcheva.

"Even today unleashed boards will be dismantled and removed, will also make a temporary structure that will protect the technical floor of the rain. Materials are imported. A capital recovery period overlaps builders call ", — said the rescuer. In addition, he said, arrived at the scene experts to evaluate the reliability of fastening adjacent to the collapsed plates.

Source: RZN.info

Snow is still not, however, continue to the roof to collapse, and like except on kommunalshikov and write off is not nakogo, they proklyatai, timely repair is not done. :)

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