Ozone psychosis

The ozone hole
Petersburg scientists speculate that the northern regions of Russia will bring the process of increasing the ozone hole in the Arctic. Range of "divination" the problem is extremely large — the imminent destruction of human civilization to minor climate change.

According to the head of the Laboratory of the Main Geophysical Observatory im.A.Voykova Igor Karol, the phenomenon of the ozone hole over the Arctic, which so frightened the public, for the first time proved to be much this spring. Responded to the committed changes including the Central Aerological Observatory, which is constantly monitored. The presence of the Arctic ozone hole was recorded in the spring before, however, in just a few days. But this time it was marked not only the North Pole: the limits ozone hole stretched to eastern and central Siberia. This suggests that it is gradually moving into populated areas of the country

However, experts remind of the well-known phenomenon of the Antarctic ozone hole, which is also pugalet Russians. She is actively asserting itself in the period from August to November, when the southern hemisphere spring begin. If this phenomenon in the Arctic still a novelty, in Antarctica, watching him from the 80-ies of the last century. In the beginning it was assumed that the intensity of the hole expansion was reduced, but it turned out that this stable phenomenon that has begun to impact on the climate and lifestyle of the Antarctic.

Vice President of the Russian Geographical Society Kirill Chistyakov said that public fears on the subject clear to him, but he personally would escalate poosteregsya passions in connection with ozone holes, as the world scientific community has repeatedly goofs on this phenomenon. In his view, the interpretation of the facts relating to the ozone hole, always a lot of politics, and business interests. At the same time, the direct observation of these phenomena are still very small duration, which does not overlap the cycles of natural variability of these regions. The articles describe the same problem, usually contains a clause that the authors predict the future behavior of this phenomenon are not consider it entirely possible.

But sometimes the scientific community and do not mind spur ozone psychosis, which absorb groups and regions. For example, foreign scientists in conversation with his Russian colleagues had no intention to hide the fact that the imposition of the issue to the public, and even the term "hole" was coined in order to create a budget agencies such as NASA. It is known that the public interest in a scientific problem in helping to bring this trend began to receive certain preferences and dividends, including having a financial value.

"The term" hole "- it's a horror story, translated from English. He launched the international scientific community that deals with these matters, in order to give more money for research. We prefer to say" spring negative anomalies of the total ozone content "- it will be right," — emphasizes the leading researcher of the Institute of Arctic and Antarctic Alexander Makshtas.

However, the problem continues to be of interest not only for scientists, but also among the inhabitants, and the last really want to know about the forecasts. They really are, and how is pessimistic, and quite optimistic.

"The gloomy forecast from the category of apocalyptic — it's all gone and everything was gone. We watch movies on TV that shows the BBC that will be on the ground, when humanity will disappear. Here's gloomy prediction … If you understand the statistics of the duration of such phenomena in geological past, for us as a civilization, it has little or no value. entire existence of human civilization — is a blip on the geological history, the history of the biosphere, it is feared that the apocalypse will come tomorrow, we still do not "- said Chistyakov.

However, the scientist does not rule out that there will be the process of changing atmospheric circulation of air, surface temperature change and melting ice. For example, it can lead to the displacement of polar bears from one place to another. For example, this year, explorers encountered polar bears more often than usual.

"But you have to remember that all the species living at high latitudes, live and exist as a species have hundreds of thousands, even millions of years, and during this time, people in the Arctic disappeared, reappeared and disappeared again. These species have not gone away — they are still there now. Another thing that can be for a person with its infrastructure, its economic projects with financing activities. This will have far-reaching implications in terms of planning our lives. But I think that we have no choice but to adapt "- sums up the vice-president of the RGS.

Professor of weather forecasts RSHU Sergei Smyshlyaev believes that the expectations of the global plan to do on this issue until the rash. However, it is likely that the situation that has arisen in the Arctic may occur for a short time, and in other regions, that is, have a local character short.

"We need monitoring. Example in Finland, along with the weather forecast given the situation on irradiation with ultraviolet light, which just depends on the amount of ozone. Highly desirable and we have to organize something like this," — says Smyshlyaev.

Famous expression that "God forbid you live in interesting times" seems to Russians is not just politics and economics. Setting where only possible system "climate control", mankind has failed to come up with a system of planetary influence on the environment. Global climate change in the Arctic — a clear confirmation.

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