Pain relief during labor

Pain relief during labor

During labor, all women (with few exceptions) are in pain. Some carry it relatively easily, while others are willing to do anything to her not to feel.

It is clear that at the time of birth the child should somehow leave the womb of the mother. The uterus contracts, and reveal the baby through the cervix and vagina gradually coming out. Pain during labor may occur because of stretching the cervix, vagina, perineum, and squeezing of soft tissue gap. Some mothers are suffering so much that they can be broken heart and respiratory rates. In addition, long-term pain often leads to premature fatigue, cessation of uterine contractions, hypoxia (lack of oxygen) of the fruit.

The question of whether or not to resort to pain relief in labor, every woman should decide on their own. Modern methods of anesthesia (pain relief medication, epidural anesthesia, etc.) are considered fairly safe for both mother and child, and make the process of birth of the baby more comfortable.

However, many experts are against labor analgesia. First, attaching risk (albeit small) side effects. Secondly, broken Estesstvenno course delivery (delivery of drugs can slow down or weaken the generic activities).

On the other hand, the pain threshold at all different. Under the influence of "unmanageable" long-term pain for some pregnant women may increase blood pressure, heart rate more frequent, cause weakness generic activity. It harms the health of mother and child. In such cases it is reasonable to resort to anesthesia than suffer the unbearable pain.

However, the correct way to prepare for childbirth in advance. With the help of the so-called psycho-prophylactic preparation can increase the pain threshold and ease of delivery. It is believed that psychologically ready for childbirth woman, is well aware of all the stages of a generic process, able to breathe properly, which owns the disengagement methods of pain, focused on the result could well do without pain. In such cases, the labor is not associated with the "agony", and with the expectation of a miracle, great happiness — emergency meeting with the beloved and beautiful person you've been waiting for.

Reduce pain in childbirth in several ways.

Psychological preparation

Generic pain compounded by ignorance. So find out more about the process of childbirth. Get the proper information in the schools of pregnancy, antenatal or from the literature. Women who are psychologically prepared for the birth, give birth much easier.

Births in water

A warm bath relaxes and distracts, good for the generic activities and even improves blood flow to the fetus. Stay in warm water can significantly reduce pain mothers during the first stage of labor when is the cervix. However, before you fill the tub, seriously weigh all the pros and cons of this type of delivery.


Some clinics use acupuncture for pain relief. It relieves pain during labor and birth activity normalizes. In Russia, this method is not yet very popular, most likely, because of shortage of professional acupuncturist.

Drug anesthesia

Anesthetize birth tried many years ago. For this purpose, narcotic drugs such as morphine, opium tincture, and nitrous oxide. The main disadvantage of these methods is to the effects of narcotic analgesics on the fetus. In particular, they can cause respiratory depression in the infant.

In modern obstetrics of narcotic analgesics used most often promedol. He has a good analgesic effect and is smaller than other drugs affect the baby.

Not infrequently because of painful contractions mothers spend long sleepless night. The accumulated fatigue can interfere in the most crucial moment. In such cases, prescribe medicines inducing sleep.

Before you give women pain relievers, be sure to consult withobstetrician and anesthetist.

Epidural anesthesia

This is a relatively new method of pain relief. The doctor sets a fine needle between the vertebrae and injects an anesthetic substance under the hard shell of the spinal cord. It uses topical anesthetics: lidocaine, marcaine, ropelokain and others. After administration of the drug temporarily blocked any sensitivity below the level of administration.

In epidural anesthesia has its disadvantages. On the one hand, provides good pain relief, but on the other — woman can not effectively push. So just before the arrival of a baby born epidural suspended. Also, in rare cases, the epidural anesthesia can cause headaches and pain in the back, who are pursuing a woman for quite a long time after the birth.

Sometimes the epidural anesthesia medically necessary, such as when the wrong position of the fetus, birth of twins, as well as some of the complications of pregnancy or childbirth.

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